Can I use the screen from an A1419?

I recently bought and refurbished an iMac intel EMC 2639, leaving my old A1419 to collect dust, since this new iMac has a much better GPU. Only problem is, this EMC 2639 has a couple of blemishes in the bottom corners of the screen for white backgrounds.

So, what I want to know is this, the screen from my old A1419 iMac, is it interchangeable with this one? Is there any way of finding out without trying it out in practice? Since the screens are a bit of work to remove and replace, not to mention the cost of the bespoke sticky tape, I want to try and ask here first.

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Im not sure how to answer this but all I can say is check the sizes of the screen and see if the components look the same other than that I'm not sure sorry for the bad help.


That's a helpful answer. It is kind of what I meant when I said trying it out in practice. But I am not keen to blow any boards with power output, because they are different models altogether.


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