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Released in 2021, the TUF F15 features an Intel Core i& processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, and a 15.6 inch anti-glare display.

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Powers On, No POST, Keyboard flashes, Black Screen

I am diagnosing an Asus TUF Dash F15 FX516PE-AB73. There is no SSD installed. I attempt to power on with no POST,

  • Power LED solid white
  • Battery LED blinks 5 times then 5 second interval
  • Keyboard LEDs flash non-stop

Secondary question; do these newer laptops need a drive inside them to POST? I am trying to get to the BIOs.

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Hi @v3capy

Try a power refresh just in case it is a corrupted BIOS.

There's no RTC (Real Time Clock) battery on the motherboard in your laptop to maintain the BIOS settings when the laptop is turned off. The RTC battery power comes from the main battery.

Disconnect the charger if connected, open the laptop and disconnect the main battery and then press and hold the laptop's Power button for a full 30 seconds.

Reconnect the battery and re-assemble the laptop and check if it turns on OK.

Worth a try and if no good you've only wasted a bit more time trying to find the problem.

Here's a teardown video that may help.

If it turns on OK it may be prudent to create a battery report to check the status of the battery. In the report compare the Design Capacity value versus the Full Charge capacity value and then work out how good the battery still is i.e. Full Charge value as a percentage of the Design Capacity value.

Re your 2nd question, to my knowledge no HDD/SSD is required to be installed so that BIOS can be accessed.

The user manual for the PC will usually tell you how to access BIOS. Without a drive installed the PC will stop anyway as there's no OS found after POST.

If there was a Windows OS installed on a drive you mightn't get a chance to get into BIOS on startup due to fast startup being enabled in the OS and this minimizes the time to press the appropriate key to enter BIOS on startup. It's quicker than you are ;-)

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It looks like progress is being made! Keyboard is no longer strobing although the Power LED is solid white, the Battery Light blinks twice, waits 5 seconds, and cycles again with no display.

After multiple turn ons and offs, back to square one. Could the motherboard or specifically the integrated memory be fried?



Interesting that the Battery light is the one that is blinking and not the Power light.

I don't know if this will work with Asus laptops but try disconnecting the battery and just use the charger connected to the laptop and check if it turns on.

Unfortunately Asus doesn't give out LED error codes beyond the basic few


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Hello! I can't seem to find a list of official blink codes unfortunately, but a blink code of that nature is commonly associated with Memory/RAM issues, it might be worth removing one of the two sticks (if two are installed) or find another stick to test with if there is only one! Hope this helps. @v3capy

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From my research, they have 8GB integrated memory and an removable stick. I removed the one stick. I wonder if the problem is the integrated memory causing this?

I can't think of a way to test this without breaking out the soldering kit


@v3capy It could be potentially, I hope not for both our sakes, but it is a possibility. It might be worth changing the stick you could remove for another though, just to rule that out!


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