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My hinge is broke and the wires are exposed

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The hinge screw is missing and they are fixed in place and will not move.

The wire is frayed.

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Hi Renee,

Yes, I have to agree, your hinges are indeed broken. As indicated by the arrow I added to your picture, there's supposed to be a metal bar that extends all the way to the top of the display connected right there. Years of flexing the display as it's opened and closed eventually causes the metal to fatigue and finally break off.

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The other side is in the same condition.

We'll need to know the model number of your laptop in order to be able to give you instructions on exactly how to fix this, but in general you'll have to open up the bottom of the laptop to get to the screws holding the hinges in place so you can remove them. You'll need to unplug the display from the motherboard at this point.

After that, the front bezel will have to come off so you can remove the LCD from the display housing in order to access the screws holding the hinge arms. Note that I suspect you may have to replace the rear cover on the lid, but can't be quite sure yet. The picture shows PEM nuts that are typically embedded in metal or plastic, so if you can see those nuts, it means they've been ripped out of wherever they were supposed to be mounted. In those cases you usually have to replace the part the PEM nuts were supposed to be embedded in; on your computer I'm guessing it's the rear of the display case.

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Those are my best guesses based on what we know about your laptop; with the correct model number we can get more specific about replacement parts and possibly even guides to show you how to do the job.

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It is a HP Probook 6470b.

If the wires that are frayed only come with the rear cover, I will have to replace it.


Having gone through a very similar repair on my granddaughter's chromebook, I can tell you that your rear case will not stay on correctly if you don't replace it due to those PEM nuts being torn out. You might be able to get by with unscrewing them from the hinges and gluing them back in place with epoxy though.

The frayed wires should be available separately from the rear case, but it's hard to say how easy the parts will be to find; you may have better luck just buying an entire display assembly (including the hinges).

At this point I'd say you definitely need to replace the right and left hinges and either repair or replace the rear case on the display.

I can't tell which wires you're referring to just from the pictures, but assuming you can find the parts you should be able to replace them separately.

Here's the official HP Maintenance and Service Guide that has all the instructions you'll need to replace those hinges and the other parts.


@dadibrokeit Thank you! I was referring to the OP in the photo with the frayed wires next to the hinge


@reneehartley Yeah, sorry I'm afraid I'm an old fart that the eyesight isn't all that great any more so I couldn't really make out which wire or wires are looking ragged.

Anyway, I'd suggest that eBay is probably your best bet for finding parts to fix your laptop. If you search using your model number and the keywords (screen, display) you may be able to find the parts you need. A general internet search may also turn up parts on some of the laptop parts and repair sites as well.


Thank you for the guide it’s a great help!


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