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The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was released on November 4, 2019, and is compatible with the Xbox One, X, & S consoles as well as PCs running Windows 10/11. Model 1797.

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which electrical component is located near the analog stick

I have just replaced the left analog stick but now the capcitor near by is gone and the left paddles are not function. The number at the capacitor is CR14. Does anyone know what kind of SMD capacitor it is? Thanks in advance.

Electronic part before it's gone:

Block Image

Mark on the component:

Block Image

Update (04/08/23)

Just a picture of the capacitor before ...

Block Image

Update (04/11/23)

First, thanks for your reply. I appriciate your help with this. For Q1.1 I can just say, that I have guessed this could be a capacitor. Sorry for the confusion. Now I agree to OldTurkey03 that this could be a diode.

For Q1.2 I have made a picture of the same component on the other side of the controller board. It has the same mark on it like the missing one. So this should help to find the right type. But I could not find anything like this on internet.

To Q1.3 the white shiny material on the controller board is not a water mark. It behavior is like skin cream. You can find it on every solder of this controller board. I had also never a water damage with this controller.

Addtional to the question I can tell you how I losed the component:

The controlles had a left thumb-stick issue. So I wanted to replace the analog stick with a new one. To remove the analog stick I had to heat up the solder higher than I thought. This heated up also the controller board and the component next to the solder of the analog stick. I didnt saw that and after removing the analog stick the component was also missing.

If I follow the electrical lines on the controller board the component seems to be a part of the vibrations motors. The buttons of the controller are still working. But I could not check the vibrations motor sepratly.

So I hope this helps to understand my issue... thanks again for your time and please don't be angry about my english. It's not my motherlanguage.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Need more info and a clear image of the board.


Sorry, I had uploaded a picture of it. But the spam filter removed it. I try it again. Hope it works.

Additional I can now say what the SMD part has marked on, it is "0A" like the same component on the right side.


@csnubie you need to edit your QUESTION to add images. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question


@csnubie cleared up your SPAM deletion and added the image. Rough weekend with SPAM on here, so things are a bit tight and iRobot getting tough with what it thinks is SPAM :-)

BTW that part actually looks like a Diode


@oldturkey03 Thanks for clearing the spam.

I would also agree that the part is a diode. But what kind of a diode?


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OKAY. FIRST : Let's describe what we see Image 1, you have highlighted in red a component marked on the board at position CR14. This looks like a diode. CR is an unusual label for a diode. I'm not 100% sure what it is. I have discovered that not all controllers have a component at CR14. Looking at board images, it appears to have one leg go through to the reverse sides GND plane. The other side.. maybe the top GND plane. Maybe it's ConnectoR14, a short. Either way I am not at all convinced that this is a SMD Capacitor, and that it's the source of your issue. So Q1.1 for you is, why do you think this is a cap, and why do you think it's broked?

SECOND. The second image is not the same component. I cannot make out what you have captured here. It is clearly not CR14, or I am blind and/or stupid. So Q1.2 is: what is this? again, why do you think it's broked?

THIRD: you have water damage on that controller. When ever someone doesn't mention water damage I become less keen to help. So my final Q to you, 1.3 is a long one: explain CLEARLY and thoroughly what you have done, and how you got to this position.

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