Model 55l621u keeps cycling through Input Menu Options on Start up

I have a Toshiba 55l621u TV that doesn't allow any access to any menu options when it's turned on, it just cycles through the menu options for the available Inputs. A Roku box was attached to HDMI-1 and PC attached to HDMI-2 but about 2 months ago the TV started the problem on cycling through the Input options on start-up.

1)I unplugged the TV and all devices from any HDMI ports, waited abt 10-15 mins. Hit the Input button on the TVs right side for about 1-2 mins. The same cycling through the Input Menu options started.

2) I can hit the remotes OK button and catch the Chromecast option which gives me a nice picture display, but if I try anything at all on the remote, it goes back to cycling through the Input menu options. This takes awhile of frantically hitting the OK button until I catch the Chromecast option highlighted ,

3) The 1st time I got the Chromecast window, then hit menu on my remote, I got a message that the TV didn't recognize my wifi. I reset the WiFi using Google HomeApp but the Google HomeApp couldn't find the TV after that. It could find all my other Bluetooth enabled devices.

4) I reasoned that maybe I need an Input device so I turned the TV off, plugged my Roku back into HMDI-1, turned the TV back on and immediately hit the Input button and kept it pushed in for abt 1 min. The same cycling through the Input Menu options started, however - this time when I 'caught' the HDMI-1 option, I could get the Roku box. this didn't happen earlier before 1) . But I can't turn the TV on/off via the Roku remote and I have to go through the pain of 'catching' HDMI-1 option whenever I start my TV.


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Hi @terryf58753,

Try removing the batteries from the remotes and using the TV controls only and check


@terryf58753 Does the TV have a physical on/off, volume, or input button?


jayeff, ty - I know we put in new batteries 1st, and we tried using the Input button but I will try removing the batteries. The only used the Input button, I'll try this tomorrow AM . Long work day today, sorry for such a late respond.


Andrew, it has the Input/power button only. I couldn't find anything else and I just downloaded a digital copy of the manual just in case I'm missing something.


@terryf58753 Can you take the back off your TV and take a picture of the connections? Adding images to an existing question


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