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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Is a Mid-Tier phone released by Samsung on March 17, 2021

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Bluetooth sound in car

When my phone is connected to my Bluetooth in my car I can hear out of it ,answer, play music but when it comes for me to speak it sounds robotic, statically and the person on the other side can't understand me but I can hear them just fine. I have called my phone carrier and they have done network reset and everything could on their end. My spouse has connected his phone to my Bluetooth and was fine. What else can I do ?

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Same exact problem. No resolution from Spectrum, Samsung, or anybody!


That your problem resolved? because I face similar issues, my tablet and all my other item can pair and use both car speaker and mic but not my A53


the proposed solution is out of context... is not working.. and the fact was accepted as solution is definitely a mistake..solution looks like a joke more than help...


I also have that problem when using my Galaxy A53 with my hands free car device. I have tried every setting I can think of. Several times that worked for the first call but after that back to the robot sound. I hear fine but others can't understand what I'm saying cause I sound like a robot.


Well, I think I fixed it. I started using Amazon Alexa to stream NPR on my car audio, and I don't sound like a robot anymore! I can also use Google maps at the same time, which I hadn't been able to do for a few years.


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Depending on the setup in the car, you could be using a microphone in the car or one in the phone to transmit your voice signal.

Since your husband's phone works OK this sort of eliminates the car mic option

Is the phone in a protective case at all?

If so remove it from the case and check if your voice is heard OK.

Does the same problem occur when using the phone in loudspeaker mode when on a normal type phone call i.e. not BT?

If so check that the voice inlet hole located at the top edge of the phone is not blocked etc. Try using a vacuum cleaner to remove any possible obstruction from the voice inlet hole. Do not use a pin or probe to try and clear it as the microphone is located directly behind the hole and could be damaged.

Update (03/01/2023)

@Mary Aguilar

OK check that the microphone voice inlet hole at the top edge of the phone is not blocked etc - see what I suggested to try in the answer above.

Here's an image that shows where the voice inlet hole for the microphone that is used for loudspeaker calls etc is located. The microphone located at the bottom of the phone is used for "normal" mode calls i.e. phone held close to ear - no sound from loudspeaker at bottom of phone, sound is from the speaker at the top of the phone which would be near to the ear.

Block Image

(click on image).

If still no good the phone will have to be opened and the microphone connection checked or the microphone may have to be replaced.

If clearing the voice inlet hole with a vacuum cleaner didn't resolve the problem since it appears that the phone is <1 year old it should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Get it repaired using the warranty provisions

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This only happens when I connect my phone to the vehicles bluetooth That is the only time it will sound that way. Loud speaker is fine, connecting it to bluetooth headphones is fine but my vehicle.And the phone was brand new. It hasn't even been a year that I have it


@Mary Aguilar

I meant that can you be heard OK by the other person, when using the phone in "loudspeaker mode" (aka hands free mode) not that the sound from the loudspeaker was OK


@jayeff no I can not be heard that's when they tell me I sound like a robot or its statically when I'm in hands free mode only


Thank you so much for your help


@Mary Aguilar

Thanks for the feedback



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