Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Dismantled iPhone4 from front, not working now :(

I dismantled my iphone 4 from the front (by ripping the whole front off) and when putting it back together the screen now doesn't work, the phone still works as its vibrating and can play random music, charge etc. I did not realise (STUPIDLY) that you can take the back cover off. Is there any hope?? Took it to a phone shop this afternoon and the guy told me i need a whole new screen even though the screen should be working. There are 2 plasticy things hanging from the top right that i do not know where they are meant to be connected to.

The reason i took phone apart was to try and clean the speaker from the inside, after watching a video on youtube on how to do so as i hardly had any sound from phone and making calls was difficult as i could hardly hear. Also worth mentioning when playing musix from speaker it wasn't very loud either which the guy in phone shop suggested speakers at top and bottom on phone need replaced.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated, i don't know whether to put a claim in as i have insurance but don't know how if this is covered by accidential damage?


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Dismantled iPhone4 from front, not working now


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hello dawn !!!

The problem here is that when the screen came out or off the mid frame it probable ripped the connector that connects the LCD and LCD data to the logic board so i have an idea you can try but no promises,,The two screws on the bottom if you take those out and slide the back piece up and remove it,now if you look p at the camera there is a plate right to the left of it it has five screws in it, remove them and under it will have connecters there are 2 that might not be plugged in and if they are not they you may have broken the connectors but you can try to plug them back in.

good luck:)

P.S. got to the repair guides on this web sight pic the kind of iPhone you have then go threw the steps if you have a Verizon the connecters are shown in step 15 if you do not have a Verizon then pic the one that just says iphone4 and the connecters are shown in step 17

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Any thanks for your reply, i did try this however i ended.up putting the phone back together as i was too scared i would break it (EVEN more than i already did) think i will take ut to another ohone shop: wonder what apple would say? Also do you think this would be covered under accidential damage for my insurance? apologies for tyops' using ny partners galaxy s2.. quite different to the iphone!

Thanks afain for takibg the time to reply, i appreciate it


honestly dawn i dont no what apple would say? and i think if you put it back together and it still don't work take it to Verizon and tell them it just stopped working and they might give you a new one.

Good luck sorry my last advice could not help:(


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