• ОтветыHow do I replace the blades in an AirHogs Switchblade plane?

    alright oldturkey03 i found out how to do it if you get a flat head screwdriver they just pry off and the new ones just push in. but thanks -kaine
  • ОтветыVolume down button doesn't work...

    have you ever torn it apart ????
  • ОтветыDismantled iPhone4 from front, not working now :(

    hello dawn !!! The problem here is that when the screen came out or off the mid frame it probable ripped the connector that connects the LCD and LCD data to the logic board so i have an idea you can try but no promises,,The two screws on the bottom if you take those out and slide the back piece up and remove it,now if you look p at the camera there is a plate right to the left of it it has five screws in it, remove them and under it will have connecters there are 2 that might not be plugged in and if they are not they you may have broken the connectors but you can try to plug them back in. good luck:) P.S. got to the repair guides on this web sight pic the kind of iPhone you have then go threw the steps if you have a Verizon the connecters are shown in step 15 if you do not have a Verizon then pic the one that just says iphone4 and the connecters are shown in step 17
  • ОтветыReplacing the metal frame

    hello!! To your question of the antenna problem changing the mid frame will not fix this problem,Also if you haven't had a lot of experience working in the inside of the iPhone 4,you should follow a guide or have somebody do this for you because it involves a entire parts transfer,meaning you have to take everything out of the iPhone.If i find any guides i will post them on here:)
  • ОтветыIs ATT iPhone 4 the same as Verison iPhone?

    Hello!! The only real difference is that the vibrator is in the top right corner instead of down in the bottom were Verizon's is. besides that i do think they are similar also the parts are NOT interchangeable,But you could lookup the guides on Ifixit.
  • Ответыwater damaged iPhone display black but there is sound is there a fix?

    The iphone4 is a amazing device yet still damaged by water like every other electronics,you could maybe go back into the phone and make sure the connectors are in place all the way there is 2,I'm sure you already no that,I would pop them off and blow out the connecters then plug them back in and make sure you here a click that will insure that they are all the way in place.Also you might even try replacing the battery the screen takes allot of power to use so maybe your battery is damaged. Try this and let me no how it goes.GOOD LUCK!! P.S. you can also buy 100% water damage repair kits.
  • Ответыchange of touch assembly = problems

    when you replaced the screen did you take the 6 screws on the metal out or just lightly unscrew them,because if you just lightly unscrewed them you might not have got the screen in the right place with the spacers.the clips on the screen have to be on the inside of the spacers so that from the inside of you phone it would go like this BOLT,SPACER,SCREEN CLIP. try this and and let me no how it goes.