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Released in 2007, this speaker system is a low-cost way to listen to your favorite music. The boombox is cased in black plastic with silver features. It has CD and AM/FM radio capabilities as well as a 2-digit LED display.

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How do I get volume to play louder?

I have the volume turned up as high as it can go and can barely hear it. Is there anything I can do?

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Pam cooper, I’ve never worked on this exact device, but I have had other similar devices with pretty much the same problem.

Usually, what I have to do to fix it, is to replace some electrolytic capacitors on the board(s) inside. This is due to electrolytic capacitors being very susceptible to increased ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). This can “destroy” (replacing the caps will un-destroy your device) your device. Getting an ESR meter off of Amazon and measuring each cap, then replacing those that are bad, is highly recommended (I’d probably replace all electrolytic capacitors). Audio- and visual circuits are very affected by bad ESR in caps!

Ceramic capacitors do not need replacing, unless physically broken, because they’re almost not affected by increase in ESR due to the way they’re made.

I’d start by opening up your device, and I’d take careful and good notes as well as good pictures of disassembling it. That way you have everything covered when it’s time for reassembly. Bonus: Create a new Guide so that others may benefit from you experiences ;) Next I’d go over all contacts and switches / pot meters with some form of electronic cleaner (preferably with deoxidising properties). Sometimes you’re lucky and all it needs is a good cleaning of the volume pots.

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I would also keep a eye out for blown transistors

Blown transistors can result in distorted audio or very little audio as well:-)


@hellomacos Thank you!! I just realised I had forgotten to include about BJT/FETs. Getting a decent transistor tester like the DROK (also available on Amazon), is a handy thing to have!



Not sure if it’s the same thing as a transistor tester but my multimeter has a setting for transistors

No idea what it actually does ,I haven’t had it for long XD


@hellomacos Many meters have a basic transistor tester, but a dedicated one tells you everything about the connected one. I have the DROK and I use it with SMD probes. Doesn’t matter how I connect it, the tester identifies Base, Collector and Emitter (or Gate, Drain and Source). Tells you what you need to know, and if it’s working or defective



Il need to get one of those!


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