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This is the first generation of the Ford Escape, a compact crossover SUV. Production started in 2000 for the 2001 model year.

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radio and stereo will not come on

2004 Ford escape 4×4 XLT all fuses are good but radio and stereo will not come on. It just stopped working. Had some work done on alternator and muffler. What can it be???

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@jen6490 Have you taken the radio out and checked the voltage on the connectors?


I will pull it out tomorrow and check it I will get back to you. This radio and cd player is factory it came like this in 2004.


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This answer was originally to another question.

Hi @jen6490

Did you check both fuses that supply power to the radio?

You may have to remove the radio and check if the power is reaching the radio OK.

If it is then the problem is in the radio.

Here's the wiring diagram that will help

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It was working when it went into the shop. So I don't understand why it don't work now



Could've just died.

You'd have to remove the radio to find out.

It is switched on isn't it?


@jayeff the screen is black and when u push the volume button to turn it on it does nothing and this is the factory stereo it came from the dealership in 2004 when I got it from the dealership with 12 miles on it.



Do you mean that it was still working when it went into a "vehicle repair" shop?

If so what was the reason for the repair e.g. did the repairer have to do some other work on the dashboard centre console for instance? If this was the case maybe the radio power cable was left unplugged if the radio had to be removed to get to something else for example

Given that the radio is ~19 years old it may be that something failed in the radio and it was just coincidental or if not, you'd have to remove the radio and use either a DMM (digital multimeter) or a 12V test lamp to find out whether it is a power supply problem or if the problem is in the radio itself.


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Hi Jen,

Really, the first thing to check is the fuses. According to the wiring diagram @jayeff so kindly provided, there are at least four fuses that the power for the radio has to make its way through in order for the radio to power up.

The first two are, I believe in the engine compartment. The first one it has to get through is marked "Main" and is a 120A fuse. I'm guessing that most of the power for the car goes through that fuse, so if it's gone there would be a lot more stuff not working than just the radio; I doubt the car would even start if that one had blown. Look for a bare metal strip that can be removed; most fuses of that high an amperage that I'm familiar with are that kind.

Next, there's a second fuse under the hood along with the Main fuse in the Fuse and Relay Box (AKA the Battery Junction Box). This one's labelled BTN2, and should be either 40A or 60A (the wiring diagram shows both numbers). That one appears to feed stuff inside the cabin, but I don't have further wiring diagrams to tell exactly what. The second drawing on the wiring diagram Jayeff posted shows the location of the engine compartment fuse box where those two fuses are.

After that, the third fuse should be in a fuse box inside the passenger compartment. That one is shown on the diagram with the label "Room", and is rated at 10A, which sounds about right for a radio fuse. Most cars nowadays have a fuse diagram inside the fuse box that tells you which fuse does what, so if there isn't one labelled Room, then look for anything that has to do with Radio, Entertainment, Stereo, or something like that.

The last fuse looks like the one responsible for telling the radio that the key's been inserted and the car turned on, thereby allowing the radio to be powered on. Its location is a little fuzzy; I'm not really sure where to find it. The box it's shown in on the diagram is labelled CJB. If you look at the second picture in the wiring diagram, down in the lower left corner it shows what appears to be the lower dash area of the front seat and on the left side is a spot marked with those same CJB initials; I assume that's where the fuse will be found. A lot of time those are inline fuses, but it's hard to tell in this case. I don't have a key to the wiring diagram, but the wire should be yellow with a stripe, it's labelled "B" so it's probably Black, but could be Blue. You're looking for 5A fuse here; it should be somewhere between the radio and an Accessory Relay in that CJB area.

Visually inspect the fuses, and if you're not sure, it always helps to pull them out and test them with an ohmmeter or continuity tester to make sure they're intact.

Good luck; let us know how it goes!

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