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white screen after repair

I tried to change my nephew's iPod Touch 4G screen with a new one, and after replacement I got that white screen. I tried all solutions suggested here, but none of them works. It seems the volume up and sleep buttons are not working, and the iPod only responds to Home button. When you press it you get the white screen, and if you hold it for some seconds the voice recognition system works, but that´s all. iTunes detects the iPod, but it says that is protected by a password so it can´t connect.

I even tried to completely drain the battery, but after 10 days I charged it again and I got same result: after some minutes charging, I got white screen when pressing home button.

I will appreciate very much any suggestion. Thanks in advanced.

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it sounds very much like you either haven't connected all the flex cables properly or have the wrong part. Did you look at John's suggestions ??iPod white screen after repair the screen..

by pollytintop

Yes, I looked at John´s suggestions... I triple checked all connections and everything seems to be ok. Is there any way to "bypass" the password when connecting to iTunes? Thanks.

by madawaska

@madawaska I updated the link with some more information a few minutes ago, you might want to look over my post.

iPod white screen after repair the screen.

by Country Computer Service

Thanks John, that could be the problem. What it makes me feel worried about buying a new screen is that it seems that reset or reboot works for all of you, even if you get white screen again. In my case, nothing happens when you use the home / volume up / wake up buttons. The volume buttons works cause volume level changes, and home button also work.

by madawaska

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If the volume up/down and power are not working you have a tear in your flex cable. You can probably spot it with a 30x jewelers loupe, but, there is no quick fix you'll have to replace it. Or, if you did any soldering the power/volume flex cable could have a bad connection to the logic board.

With the white screen you need to hold down the home and power button, and if the power button is not working it isn't going to reset.

Trust me, I've ripped my share of power/volume flex cables lifting the logic board to access the lcd connector. On a successful lift, I always stick a piece of Kapton tape across the flex cable where the power button is located. This way, if I have to pull up the board again because of a connection issue I'm less likely to tear it.

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it happened to me to i try to hold the home and lock button down but it didnt do any thing the only thing that happened was the voice over and the volume buttons work because i was turning it up and down but i just restored it and it works fine now

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my ipod has a white screen, however when i press the lock button it goes black, and then i've tried all these solutions however none has worked, can someone please help me

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