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Repair and service information related to the ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine. Also known as the ResMed Air10.

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Are Software Updates available?

ResMed CS reports that due to cellular updates, the CDMA can no longer connect to the cloud.

Is there a way to update either the device SW or the internal modem SW to restore connectivity?

Or a way to give it access to my WiFi so that it can "Phone Home"? ResMed says that I should ask my provider. But why should a respiratory therapist or doctor know that? ResMed should provide this support (or update) to their device.

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That's what I was afraid of. Also, seeing as it was announced in 2010 that in December 2021 CDMA support would be done? they should not have used CDMA as the type of support in a model they manufactured in 2016 that still exists for sale and are still being used.

I suspect they "SHOULD" replace the internal modems considering how much they charge for these devices and how much insurance companies are being "Bilked" for dated technology.


@John Williams Yeah, I'm not sure if they are going to replace the internal modem or even if they can, but if not, they should replace the device for free. I know a lot of cars were affected by the 2G/3G shutdown, and I can't help thinking that it's a little silly to put in that technology when you know it'll be done a few years later. Interestingly enough, they use 2G, the standard that has been around since the 1990's.


@John Williams When was your AirSrnse manufactured?


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Since the device uses a 2G modern, it no longer works with many celluar networks, rendering the remote software update and treatment change program useless. I don't believe there is any way to connect the device to WiFi or Ethernet.

I believe they want you to talk to your therapist so you can agree about either getting s new device or using an SD card for software updates and treatment changes.

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Perhaps I should contact their headquarters and "respectfully" request they replace the internal modem and update the device accordingly? I'd do it myself but I suspect they would not agree to send me the materials 🥹

I can't imagine that some "violation" of some rule isn't occurring as these same dated devices are still being used to fill prescriptions and sold to insurance companies. The device is being falsely advertised before it even gets out of the box. Due to hardware limitations which are known.

Could be fun!


@John Williams From downloading their new user manual, the new ones have a 4G modem. Are there still cell bars showing on yours?


Sorry bout that! I forgot to add the site to my approved list and it must have gone to my spam folder.

No, my unit was built in 2016 with OLD hardware that only supported CDMA and nothing else. So once the December deadline hit and CDMA was no longer going to be a supported format? The connection died.

I've since learned that the FCC notified all these manufacturers in February of 2010 that CDMA support would be ending in 12/2022. Yet there are still machines out there today for sale that only have the old CDMA modems inside. Mine was made 6 years after the notice.

ResMed tells me I should contact my provider. I guess having a PhD means you should also "Fix" their hardware issues. I wonder how Resmeds profits rose when they offloaded all their old tech machines on the Phillips Recall?


@John Williams CDMA only? How stupid! I have to assume ResMed was trying to save some extra pennies, but this just makes it seem like they don't care about their customers.


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I've got the same issue, mine is about 6 years old and it's a 2G card. I used to monitor my progress on the app until one day it just quit. I could easily replace the card myself if I could get the part. I'm surely not going to spend $1,000 out of pocket on a new machine. How is my therapist monitoring my progress.... I guess he's not. I guess that tells you how much they actually monitor your progress. I don't want to go down the road of mailing in an SD card. When I got my first Phillips, that's what I had to do, it was a PITA!

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You would've thought they would have had the foresight to include a 4G modem, but medical companies can be some of the skimpiest ones.

Out of curiosity, what brand of cell service does your SIM card connect to?


It's quite apparent they used the cheapest hardware they could find that would guarantee the highest profit. They were told in 2010 that CDMA support from cell towers was going to end in 2022. But we're still manufacturing machines in 2016 that only supported the one communication format.

It doesn't matter what cell service your phones connect to. Five G is the new standard and support for 2G CDMA (code-division multiple access) & 3G GSM (Global Systems for Mobiles). Primary carriers switched to 4G LTE in 2010. Same time manufacturers were notified that CDMA, GSM, support would end in 2022 followed by 4G LTE a few years later.

So resmed has no excuse for not making sure their product is/was going to be compliant after 2010. It's not like the internal modems were going to cost more than a few pennies for an extra chip.


Same here Lynd. I got a new sleep doctor and respiratory therapist and the Dr wanted me to track my progress. My machine had never been setup with an SD card because it was easier to connect to via their central program via the device ID #. Covid screwed that whole process up for a couple of years. Also during this time I lost 100lbs and started having problems using my machine. So I stopped using it.

But there was nobody to contact. In 2023 I started having the problem again where I would simply fall asleep, like someone switched off my power, and then couldn't get myself to wakeup. I was able to make an appointment that took 4 months. We didn't even know the machine wasn't communicating till I started to use it again and realized no reading were being sent.

The drs assistant didn't put an SD card in so the machine wasn't saving the data. When I did a follow up recently it was discovered the SD card I put in was to big (16GB) the machine only supports up to 4GB. So we had to start all over again.


@John Williams The machine only accepts SD card up to 4GB? Seems like more penny pinching to me and/or being too lazy to add software support for larger cards.


Have a look at the OSCAR app - which can display a lot more setail than 'MyAir' and is free.


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