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Motor does not turn over all the way.

We replaced the starter,battery,fresh fuel and seniold. When we try to start it trys but enough to kick over.

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wendy, does it turn over with the spark plug removed. I know it wont start, but wonder if it turns over....could you provide more info about the mower? what model is it and what engine does it have?

by oldturkey03

We replaced the battery cables and still wouldnt turn all the way over. My husband says that it does not spark. Do you have any other suggestions? Model number 309304x8 Murry 11hp briggs

by wendy

Make sure the ground is clean where it attaches to the frame. It should be free from dirt, grease and rust. Replace the spark plug with new.

by 040304

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First off, there was a recall on those mowers due to leaking gas tank. For that check check on here. Now lets assume this got fixed;-) You need at least three things for the mower to start. Fuel, air, and a spark. Check for gas, clogged filters and collapsed lines. Check your carburetor, make sure your float is working right and that your needle valve is clean. Check all the lines for leaks and proper connection. If you are sure you do not have spark, then disconnect the Shut Off Wire at the Control Bracket and then check for spark at the Plug. If there is still no spark at the Plug, disconnect the Shut Off Wire at the Coil and check for spark. If you should still not have a spark, it is possible that your coil/or the ignition module is Bad. You can check and see that the Coil/Ign Module to flywheel gap is .020in. If you get spark at the Plug anytime during these checks, then a Safety Switch or Wire May be the Problem. The engine will turn over with a bad safety switch but will not fire. There should also be a blade safety switch, that you do not want to forget to check as well as the seat safety switch. To really isolate what is going on, I would disconnect the safety switches, bridge the wires. That way, you should be left with just the ignition circuit. If you now get spark, you know that it is one of the safety switches. reconnect one at a time and see which one causes the failure. Replace the safety switch. DO NOT OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT WITHOUT THE SAFETY FEATURES. Check the electrical diagram and see if that will help you further along. Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

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Thank You for all your help. I was finally able to get it started after all that checking, looks like it was the Magneto Coil. When I put it in it started right up like new agian. Thanks alot.

by wendy

Great job in fixing it. Thanks for accepting my answer. All the best to you...:-)

by oldturkey03

Do you by chance have the belt diagram for that model?

by ladawn

Which wires do u connect to by pass sensors and where? Got fire and got fuel but won't start

by tebrown84

my mower starts but as soon as you let off brake it stalls,also when engaging blades it stalls.


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Try replacing the battery terminal wires on both the ground and the positive of the battery (black and red wires) with new. Current is not always able to flow through old, deteriorated or frayed wiring. That is the only link in the chain so far that you have not replaced.

After that you may try cleaning your battery posts and terminals with a "post and terminal" cleaning tool.

Let us know if that works or if it is a different problem.

Good luck,


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+ I've also seen stranded battery wire that the corrosion has migrated into the interior wire. It was weird cutting into the outer covering and finding corroded wire way into the covered wire

by mayer

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This answer was originally to another question.

Evidently the silenoid is bad, my husbsnd wants to bypass it becsuse it will run when screw driver is placed across those screws. I realize this is not optimum but can it be bypassed

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