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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Is a Mid-Tier phone released by Samsung on March 17, 2021

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Phone keeps showing a line of pixels and randomly restarting

My phone keeps showing a line of pixels in random spots on the display before rebooting, it does this randomly with periods of up to like an hour where the phone will work fine, and there's no outside damage or cracks on the display, Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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I have had the same issue with my Samsung A53. Tried cycling it, hard reboot, deleting a bunch of Apps, reseting network settings, then all settings and finally factory reset.

It would work better at times and other times it's useless, just continuously rebooting or not turning on at all.

Interested in any insight or solutions available, still a great phone otherwise and I still have it but had to get a new phone thar I can rely on.


My phone is doing the very same thing.. right now it does not even turn on anymore. This seems like its a technical issue with the phone. Ive took it to a guy and his saying he doesnt know what is wrong as everything is perfecting fine. It hard started restarting every 50min to an 1 hour if i use it . Two days back i placed it on the charger n it never when back on again.. Just finished the phone contract a month ago n this happen. Im Heart broken Ive been a samsung user for some time and this is my 3rd A5x series phone and getting this issue i give up on samsung


i have a similar problem whit the pixel lines showing up and freezeing the unit, in testing if you take apart and take out the motherboard cover the onu with the grafite sensor the phone will works as normal and no freezing or rebooting, i dont know what is causing the issue but is in that cover


Hello Smart lab,

Quick question, what do you mean by cover the onu with the grafite sensor ?

I don't understand what the operation to solve the issue.

In any case thank you for your help


sorry for the late reply, is the NFC antena, i think it make presure on the phone motherboard and cause this issue, the rando pixel line and the phone to freeze


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It sounds like the OLED panel is damaged this usually happens after a drop.

As for the reboot issue i suspect that the screen draws too much power causing the phone to semi-randomly reboot.

A new display is likely to fix it. but i would take it to a professional who has a warranty on repairs, just in case it's more than the screen.

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I took it to a repair place and the person there recommended I factory reset the phone to which I did after saving everything I could need anyway the phone works for a few days as normal still randomly restarting but rarely until today where it's started with the same issue as before, I just wonder why it worked fine the first few days and then only now it's started up again


hi, did changing Display help you? Please answer, because i have same problem


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