Water damaged AFTER installing Aura Pro X2; how to recover?

Installed the Aura Pro X2 about a year ago; unfortunately I have since dropped that MacBook in the bath. I bought a new refurbished 15in Macbook pro Retina w/ 256gb of memory and am trying to find a way to recover the data from the Auro Pro X2 and then eventually reinstall it into my new Macbook.

I am led to understand that you can't use the enclosure included with the Aura Pro X2 - my question is how can I recover that data before doing the Auro Pro X2 upgrade on my new computer?

Not sure if this is relevant but I thought I'd include the various components I have currently; 500gb SSD from old computer, 500gb external backup drive (most recent backup likely being from when I performed the SSD upgrade), 256gb SSD currently installed in the new Macbook, 1tb Auro Pro X2 SSD, and the SSD enclosure included with upgrade kit.

Any help, advice, or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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