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The TT-SK06 Wireless Speakers manufactured by TaoTronics are durable Bluetooth speakers made from an aluminum alloy in a metal casing comes with two 10W drivers.

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Why does my Taotronics TT-SK026 sound bar intermittently sound fuzzy?

Our Taotronics TT-SK026 sound bar is hooked up to our Samsung 55" TV and works great, except it occasionally develops a "fuzzy" sound. I eliminate the fuzziness by pressing random buttons on the Taotronics remote, though it's truly hit or miss and I don't know the button-pressing eventually restores the clean sound. Any idea what's going on here? [Note: we have the SK026, not the SK06--Ifixit it wouldn't let me select the SK026.]

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Hi @villeguy,

How is the soundbar connected to the TV, analogue audio RCA cable, digital audio optical or coaxial cable or Bluetooth?

When the sound becomes fuzzy, try pressing the source button on the soundbar's remote a few times to scroll through the different inputs until you connect back to the connected source and check if that restores the sound quality.

It may be a problem in the TV (what is the model number?) or the soundbar and then dependent on the source type.

It's a process of elimination but you have to start somewhere e.g. try connecting the sound bar using a different input type. If always the same input type connect another audio source e.g. dvd player, stereo receiver etc using that input type to prove it is either the soundbar or the source where the problem is i.e. TV if not there with another source using same input type.

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Thanks for the reply, jayeff. The sound bar is connected via an optical cable. The process you describe is kinda what I have been doing to restore sound. It works on OPT, so when it sounds fuzzy I'll press Audio, and then back to OPT. If that doesn't work I press Coax, then back to OPT, and so on. It might take 1 or as many as 6 or more clicks like that, but it always restores clean sound.

My remote doesn't have a Source button. It has Power, Mute, Audio, OPT BT, EQ and Coax. It works on OPT, so as I mentioned, I toggle between that button and random others to restore the sound.

My TV is a Samsung model UN65NU7200. See if this is a good first step: the next time the sound gets fuzzy, I'll turn the sound bar volume all the way down and boost the TV volume. if it audio sounds fuzzy through the TV, will that indicate that the TV is the source of the problem?



Might not be if the problem is on the external digital output of the TV audio amp. The TV speakers are analogue and it may sound OK. Suppose that you could try as it doesn't take long to check

As the TV doesn't have any other audio out options I would still try using another audio signal source .

Try pairing the soundbar with your mobile phone's Bluetooth and send music to it from the phone.

if it's still intermittently fuzzy then it's the soundbar.

If not it still could be the soundbar but only when using digital optical connection or the TV. You would need to connect another digital optical audio source to the soundbar to know.

It would be best to prove it to the TV or the soundbar first and not assume it is the soundbar as you may be looking for something that's not there.


Thanks for the suggestions--I'll begin the quest.

Q: is intermittent "fuzziness" a known problem with sound bars?

And if I need to buy a new sound bar, do you recommend a reliable budget-friendly model? We're not audiophiles, we just like better sound than the TV speakers provide when we watch movies or documentaries.



Don't really know about noise prevalence in soundbars but with electronics anything is possible.

As for other brands, I don't know either as I don't have one or know anyone who has.

Maybe look for models within your price range and check the reviews online and then go with what you feel is best. Get a known brand name as at least they usually have a good warranty and support


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