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It is not turning on

My laptop is not starting

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Does the laptop indicate that the battery is charging when the power adapter is connected to the laptop?



can you add more information as to why the device cannot turn on?

Have you charged it to full?

is the screen black when you hit the power button?

if none of these things are happening reset the laptop. if you could add more information that would be great.


When the power adapter is plugged no indication light.... first the indicator light is on but the computer displays or the fan / board running sound never comes.Thus I tried to replace the ram whilst I forgot to remove the battery.The ram place sparked (no physical burn/ don't know which diode maybe out)but when placing the same ram back no power indicator light.Previously there's indications power light but computer didn't boot up screen display.Thus I went ahead to the ram but forgot to remove the full charged battery.

Kindly would you assist how do I fix it.I have a multimeter but don't know how I which diode to test


I did remove the battery plugged the good charger and expect the indicator light to be on but nothing happens.Few minutes ago the indicator light was on.Only after I removed the ram a slice of electric spark appears at the ram case area but there's no burn despite



Yes,jayeff the indicator light was on but black screen.Later I removed the ram,there was a electric spark at the ram area when I removed.The battery was full charged and I forgot to remove when I replaced the ram.The indicator light was not on now.What is your advice.

The board doesn't have signs of burn diode too


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Disconnect the charger from the laptop (if connected ) and also disconnect the battery from the motherboard and then use your Ohmmeter and check if fuse PF101 on the motherboard has continuity i.e. that it is short circuit - 0.00 Ohms shown on the meter.

It should test short circuit as this is an OK test for a fuse.

If the fuse is blown i.e. OL or infinite Ohms shown on meter then you need to find a 7A_32VDC_0437007 fuse (supplier example only), to replace it with.

This is only the start of testing as there may be other problems but you need to start at the beginning to see if power is getting even further into the motherboard from the charger.

Also check diode PD703 is OK. It is a dual diode i.e. pins 3-1 is one diode, pins 2-1 is the other. This diode supplies power from both the charger and the battery to the power controller IC.

If they're both OK then you will need the schematics and also a the boardview files motherboard top view and motherboard bottom view which show the location of all the parts shown in the schematic making it easier to find them. (you need to zoom in a lot to view these files) to find out what's wrong.

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You've been a great help.I managed to get the power light on when placing the charger to power supply. Unfortunately the laptop didn't start yet.Can you advise.... black screen.No fan or memory running.

Kind regards Ben!



Not sure what you mean by "when placing the charger to power supply."?

Did you find a faulty component or did you bypass some of the circuit between the charge port to the charge controller IC?

It's probably not even starting when you try turning it on so you would have to check that the embedded controller has power connected to it.

Check that there's 3V on R189. If there's nothing there then the embedded controller has no power and when the ON button is pressed nothing will happen.


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Replace battery

To check, open the laptop case and remove the battery, clean the contacts and try replugging it and try booting. If the laptop turns on then there could have been a connector issue and that's why the laptop was not booting. Otherwise, consider replacing the battery of your laptop



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