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Replacement Panel not supported in full Asus FX504

Ok so I had a problem with my laptop. The brightness control cannot dim or brighten the screen. This happened after I replaced my broken screen, I have an Asus FX504 that had a 60hz IPS panel, I bought a 120hz IPS panel in ebay that is compatible same pins same screen size and same resolution. It works fine except for the brightness control. I can't control it with the function keys I cannot control it using the Control panel. So I don't know what is going on. Is there something I can do? One more thing Windows only sees it as Integrated Monitor instead of the monitor's brand and model. Please help me out.

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Seems like the display panel is not fully compatible with the laptop motherboard.

Here's an image showing the part numbers for the displays for 3 different Asus FX504 models, -GD, -GE and -GM

There is only one 120Hz display available and all three models use the same one.

If you search online for 18010-15605500 this will give you the 120Hz display that will work with the laptop

Block Image

(click on image)

Note: The "unavailable" shown for the displays only means that the supplier didn't have any and not that they aren't available elsewhere either.

To work out why the display that you have now doesn't fully work you would need to have the datasheet for the display and also the schematic for the motherboard and compare the pinout wiring for the video cable connection on both to make sure that they are exactly the same i.e. all the wires at the motherboard video cable connector are designated the same on the display video cable connector

To find the datasheet for the display you have now, search for (insert make and model number of display) datasheet. The make and model number is usually on the back of the panel.

To find the motherboard schematics search for (insert make and model number of motherboard) schematics. The make and model number is printed on the motherboard itself.

It may be easier to return the display as not compatible and find the correct one for your laptop

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So you mean to say that those 30 pins have different functions? what about the fact that the monitor is not being recognized in windows? I have a Windows 11 and it only shows the one I installed as an Integrated Monitor (Generic PnP Monitor) would that have anything to do with those said pins as well?


Also I remember that it had a very inferior Panda 60Hz IPS panel and that's the reason why I got the 120hz panel as a replacement


@Peter John Dimapiles

It may be.

The fact that the display mostly works OK means that most of the wires are correct but this doesn't mean that the one you want is actually wired in the display.

Also nowadays a lot of the functions in the display are handled over a USB connection between the motherboard and the display i.e. two data wires (send and receive) from the motherboard to the USB controller in the display, plus the other wires of course .

I don't know what your display uses though.

Whatever it is its not compatible, unless perhaps you need to find if there are any "drivers' for the actual display that have to be loaded so that Windows ( and BIOS) can communicate correctly with it.

As it seems that it is treating it as a basic monitor because it doesn't know exactly what make and model and therefore what features it has.

Try going into Device Manager and locate the display hardware entry (not the display adapter but the "monitor" entry), right click and select Update drivers and check if there are any. You need to be online for this to work.

To get to Device Manager , press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the device Manager link


How can I get the model and make of the monitor that was in this laptop before? I remember that it was a Panda Panel LM156LF but I cannot remember the rest maybe that can at least show the EDP configuation for this panel and I can just rewire the EDP connector to match

also I tried going online to find the schematic diagram for the panel I have now and I got it but the panel I originally have does not have any information online. any thoughts?


@Peter John Dimapiles

Does the datasheet you have for the new panel show a "brightness control" wire on the eDP connector or perhaps "USB" or "data" (2 wires) on the connector?

Did you try updating the drivers or if that didn't work, try to find drivers for it from the panel manufacturer's website (if there is one that is) and install them manually?

Found a datasheet for the Panda model LM156LF01 but not complete as there's no pinout info. Hopefully it is in the datasheet pdf download and not that the details on the page are all that are in it. ( there's also links on the page to an -F02 and -F03 but there's no datasheet for the F02) but it seems that you have to join the site somehow to download it. Download link is near the bottom of the page


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