screen lock button does not work, popup windows at login do not appear

When I charge my iPhone to 100% everything works fine, I unplug it and take a couple minutes and the screen locks itself. From that moment the lock button stops working. when wanting to log in for example, google drive, it does not show the pop-up window to do so. It won't let me delete apps from the home screen, I have to go to settings to do it
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@gekyum that sounds like a lot of issues in one! I'm gonna dive to the home screen one. My guess would be 3d touch (I think that was still on the XS but correct me if i'm wrong) is not getting the power or is completely dead. my question is did it even work to begin with as you might be looking at an issue that even happens with charging.

Next, the Face ID pop-up thing. You say it is also related to the lock button but i think it's an issue of it's own. Not seeing that pop up indicates to me face id is acting up. Does face id work unplugged (Or even at all?)

Now the lock button. That is really weird and i'm not an expert at this kind of stuff but i would say i have some idea about this. I'm going to guess that power is not getting to where it should be when on battery power. Is this on the original battery or is it replaced?


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