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Televisions made by LG.

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No image on screen, only vertical lines - LG 49UK6090PUA

Hi all,

I'm having an issue with my TV. To preface, I'm relatively tech savvy but not far enough when working with electronic components so I may need a little guidance.

This TV gets used from time to time and is never moved. One day I turned it on and I got no image and some vertical white lines.

Clicking the buttons on the remote gives me audio so things are happening but it's not showing me any of it.

I've taken off the back of the TV to look for anything obvious but I'm not even sure where to start here.

I was hoping you guys could have more insight than me.

I've included some images of what the turned on TV looks like as well as some of the elements on the back of the TV.


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (10/10/2022)

Worth noting.

I turned the TV on with the back opened up.

This unit on the power supply chip is wayy hot and making a clicking noise after letting the TV run for a bit.

The TV also automatically turned off. Could be software related though (after 15m of no activity)

Block Image

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Kevin123432 I would consider this "The TV also automatically turned off. Could be software related though (after 15m of no activity)" as a menu setting. You mentioned that you have sound but till not tell us if ist was clear audio or just sounds. What this looks like is a bad video processor on your main board but we can not rule out the transformer on the power board. Trying to find some information about that circuitry. . It also appears that you have a loss of color. Those lines should actually be "colorful" instead of the grayscale patterns. Do check all the different video input sources and see if they all show the same pattern. Of course I can only go by the few images and the symptoms but I do not think that this is a panel error. I believe your TV uses a mainboard with the T-con circuitry integrated on it, so just one board. For now I would focus on that board. See if you find anything obviously damaged looking, like charred or missing components (check both sides since there are components on the underside

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-For sounds, the sounds see to be coming out correct. Like, if I click on the Netflix button on the remote, I hear the sounds the correct sounds that Netflix would open up to.

-Trying to change inputs and it shows exactly the same thing here. I actually can't see any of the menus so I have to use the quick access buttons that I had previously set to my different inputs. I notice that the backlight dims and brightens a bit while changing the input. The vertical lines seem to stay even when changing any inputs. The lines also seem to move a bit more when things are happening on the TV (so, when changing inputs, opening up menus, etc.) However, all I ever see are those vertical lines.

-Looking at the circuitry, I don't see anything that looks odd. I had already mentioned that unit in the picture above clicking and being very hot. Otherwise, nothing seems out of the ordinary.


@Kevin123432 okay let's get a cheap power board and see if that helps. Ebay seems to have some very reasonable inexpensive ones. Maybe it is the transformer that has failed and is causing and is causing this. My gut feeling tells me it would be the main board based on what you describe etc. but it will not explain the clicking and heating up of the transformer. If we only had schematics available we wouldn't have to guess. Hence our fight for the Right to Repair


Ok, so I bought a new power board off of Ebay and unfortunately, no luck.

I still have the same problem with the vertical lines.

It was worth trying out though.


@Kevin123432 did that clicking of the transformer at least stop? You know the next board is the main board.


Yup, the clicking stopped and it's no longer super hot. Just a reasonable warm.

Maybe the transformer having issues could've messed with something else down the line? Just spitballing here.

I'm looking at getting a main board from Ebay right now. Hopefully that'll do the trick!


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