Battery crossed out Icon when trying to charge

I got my my phone wet from using it on rain. For safety I turned it off and placed it on a silica gel pack for 3 days. Now when I try to turn it on or charge it a crossed battery sign sign pops up . What could be the meaning of this?

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Is it a red plus sign over the battery, or an X crossing out the battery? A red plus sign indicates battery saving mode is on.

Can you post a picture of the icon?


Could be corrosion in the charge port or inside the phone itself. You’d have to open it up and take a look.


@dadibrokeit it’s a Battery with an X crossing out. Ill try to take picture of it, since it only appears for a while then it blanks again.


@strongbow I see, Ill try wireless charging if it still pops up.


Unless your silica pack weighs 10-20 lbs and enclosed in a plastic bag squeezed of all the air to allow moisture absorption from a wet phone, silica packs are useless. The large silica bags come with cnc machinery to protect electronics when shipped. A better diy drying procedure might be opening the case to expose the innards and use canned air to blow out any moisture then leaving it in the sun for an hour or more for drying out. Leaving it in an oven with just the pilot light heat can do the same for gentle drying overnight. On top of a water heater too. Gentle low temperature heat with an opened phone should allow moisture to evaporate slowly.


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