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Repair information and guides for the updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook that was released in early 2016. Model A1534 / EMC 2991

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Is screenless possible with 12" MacBook?

Hi Community,

Will this machine work without a screen?

I recently bought at 12" MacBook (2016) for very cheap off eBay. The idea was to create a screenless "slab top" connected with USBC/Screen Duet to my iPad. Or airplay to the TV. As purchased the unit was working well...

However, I watched a Youtube tutorial and proceed to remove the screen. This was my first time working on a MacBook. I thought everything went smooth but when I put it back together (Screenless) and turned... no power. No start up noise.

Is it possible to pull this off? If so please help!

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Matus & @hellomacos Sadly SMC services prevents using MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro's from working properly without a screen.

SMC receives temp for both the display and the camera which without the display assembly will cause SMC to ramp up the fans RPM's (in the case of the Air's and Pro's) as well as lower the CPU's clocking.

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@danj I see

I thought it would work without a screen as I had boards with no screen give me fan-spin when testing without screen and I have seen people using macs without screens connected to external displays like this

But perhaps it’s not the case for this model:-)


@hellomacos - Yes, people have gotten the 2016/17 MacBook Pro's running without the display and what they think is working! NOT REALLY

They use a program to control the fan's to bring the RPM's down but they end up cooking their systems. I love BBQ Chicken with Honey! But not MacBook Pro's!

To add insult to injury! As I pointed out SMC lowers the CPU's clocking as it wants to protect the CPU from overheating. So you end up with a slower running system so if you want the ability of the system you bought to render vids or crunch deep spreadsheets forget it! As it will now take twice, three or more likely four times as long!



That makes way more sense now

hopefully more people will find out about the whole BBQing cpus issue so they stop doing

thanks for the explanation:-)


If apple would make a touch screen Mac I would never had attempted this operation. They are falling behind with the younger generation.


@Matus Modern

I see where you are coming from but that’s what a iPads for ,the macs operating system isn’t really made for a touch screen

It would be cool to see though:-)


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As far as I know it should work

Iv had macs of all sorts boot up without screens

Are you sure it’s not sure It’s not on and it’s just struggling to connect to a screen as this model doesn’t have a fan so it’s hard to say either it’s on or not(unless you have the top case connected, try clicking the trackpad and checking for a click and click caps lock to see if it turns green)

What I would recommend is plugging the screen back in to see if it will work and checking how easily it will connect to a external display

Hopefully this helps

If it doesn’t leave me a comment


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No green light working on the caps lock. I have ordered a USBC to HDMI so I can check that later this week. I read that there is a yellow button on the logic board that can reset the battery. Is this correct? Should I try opening it back up and pressing that button?


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