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2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache.

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In need of SSM3K15FV SOD-VESM-HF&SIA413DJ SC70-6L [is ebay one good?]

So as said i need this transistor cuz ive got working macbook pro 2012 late retina i5 8gb ram and the display is not fuctioning. It works with external so i got into schematics and saw that i miss five components Q5721 (SSM3K15FV SOD-VESM-HF), R5721 (220k 5% 1/20W MF 201) resistor, R5722 (3.3k 5% 1/20W MF 201) resistor, C5723 (0.01UF 10% 10V X5R 201) capacitor and Q5720 SIA413DJ SC70-6L (P type 12v channel 29mOhm @4.5v rdsand loading 16mA (EDP) i found all of them but i wonder if its gonna work? Are the parts right? Because i found mosfet Q5720 with same parameters but couldnt find the loading value on site and i would love to know if it will be good (link to the mosfet SIA413DJ-T1-GE3 Vishay Semiconductors) and also if the ebay (link to ebay one ssm3k15fv: Search Result) SSM3K15FV will do fine so.

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Thank you for any answers in advance have a great night/day!

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Update 12/07/2022 9:24PM: @danj but this smd cap looks washed out compared to the others? And there is many like this.

Block Image

This place close to the right fan looks like it have flux stain? For sure its nothing sweet like coffee stain or coke cuz its not sticky.

Block Image

And last here are the photos of lvds cabel and port on the display

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Without flash (might be due to poor light in my room) looks like the pins are slightly dark?

Update 13/07/2022 8:57AM: @danj

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

found even one more missing

Block Image

U3401 was clearly removed

Block Image


The fault was display by it self just died as i got hands on second the same macbook its screen works with my mobo but their mobo aint working with my display and vice versa. That was wild ride as in the process i burned one component on hdmi board that i had to find and replace. But atleast I learn many new things thank you aswell for mentioning louis rossman as his vid helped me alot. Prob not worth fix so yea sad

Answer this question I have this problem too

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This logic has no bearing with the display circuit, its function is part of the trackpad logic as its marked as such 5V TRACKPAD S4 FET

Let's backup here a bit. What does the internal display show if anything? Image or even a glow?

What happens when you shine a flashlight through the Apple logo in the lid do you see the faint image of your desktop and its icons?

Update (07/10/2022)

@Kosik - Do you see any physical damage to the lid or display screen? If you don't see any damage, it's possible you have a cable connection issue or a bad cable.

If you don't see even a faint image on the display you may want to double check the image will be very faint with the flashlight test! As its rare to loose both the video signal and the backlight power to the display. More often I see the backlight power fail.

I would follow this guide to step 9 MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2012 Display Assembly Replacement now with power disconnected jump down to Step 14 to disconnect the LVDS cable. Now using a camera take a picture like this one

Block Image

So I can see both connectors pins (in focus) and post it here Adding images to an existing question

MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2012 Display Assembly Image


MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2012 Display Assembly Replacement



20 minutes - 1 hour

iFixit Image


Adding images to an existing question


Very easy

2 - 5 minutes

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Nothing no glow no screen even when i flash the flashlight through the Apple logo

BTW - If its a screen failure is there any cheap solution? Or is it better to sell MacBook Pro for parts?

Edit 07/10/2022: @danj

No physical damage on lid only thing that is damaged is anti reflective coating on display. I will be able to check flashlight again in 1.5h so ill update then once again oh and i attached photo of lvds in main

Edit 07/10/2022 4:50PM: Still nothing i even took the strongest flashlight i have in house and cant see folder blinking or even system when i put in ssd


@Kosik - Well the good news is this side of the cable and its socket looks good! We still have the other side and the cable to check but that will require taking the display assembly fully off.

Before we go that deep do you see any parts on the main logic board that are damaged or burnt. Also look for corrosion or staining.


Found only like flux stain? For sure nothing sweet as its not sticky but more like hard. Don't see any corrosion. Only some smd caps are looking kind off washed out? Some of them have richer color than others. Just like on photo that i attached in post edit its not that much of a diffrence but might be?


@Kosik - The ceramic capacitors (the small tan SMD devices) are often different colors as the formulation of the cap material is often different.

Sorry guy I think this needs someone with deeper skills to diagnose the logic board. You will need to trace out the power rails using a DVM.


Hey after looking through board again I found 2 missing components on the other side of it U7960 and U3401 im attaching photos of schematics also. I think if one of those U7960 have to smthing with SMC so those 2 missing parts might be cause of problem but what are the odds then that it works with external display. If its not prob cause of problem again then im close to surrender fixing this


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