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Repair and service information for vehicles manufactured by Fiat Automobiles, formerly part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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No spark even after replacing coilpack and crank sensor

I have a fiat palio 1.6 16v, car was driving fine, just stalled on pull away and struggled to go up a ramp, i removed the throttle body to clean it with wd40 and the intake sensor. Put it back and then car did not want to start, checked for spark and there was none, i got a crank sensor from my friend who broke up a fiat palio and when i fitted it, the car started up and revved it up about 4 times. I then let it cool down and tried to start it again but again there was no spark, i went to purchase another one and still no spark, i then replaced the coilpack and yet no spark. There is power on the wires that plugs into the coilpack and crank sensor, i need help urgently. Does the 1.6 palio have a cam sensor and where is it located and can that also cause no spark.

Update (05/29/2022)

Its a 2002 as per the papers, i replaced the crank sensor and coilpack but yet no spark

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@ayyoob what year is your Fiat?


Did you check for blown fuses?


There is nothing, i am going to take the ecu to an auto electrician to check whether the ecu is maybe faulty, but furthermore this car has me puzzled. This my first time having such a headache with car


I have the same problem, but havent replaced any parts yet.

hope to benifit from your investigztion and save some frustrations and time here, what was the final fix for your problem?



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@ayyoob yes it does have a camshaft position sensor. See the attached diagram

Block Image

. I would try to have the OBD scanned and see if it throws any kind of code.

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So can the camshaft sensor also cause no spark and where is it located, its it on top of the motor or the front of the motor as in the diagram.


@ayyoob yes it can and should be located as shown on the image. I don't have a service manual for the 1.67 only for the 1.3 and that is different. WE need to keep our eyes open for more literature on this:-)


I youtubed it now, the one cam pully must be remove, as the camshaft sensor sits behind it, i just hope that is the issue, as the car was driving well, it only stalled on pull away when car was warm and could not go up a ramp other than that car was fine, then just all of a sudden it never wanted to start and never had spark


@ayyoob I hope so to for your sake. I hate it when stuff like that happens out of the blue. PITA to fix and diagnose.


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