Wifi goes out and cannot search or show networks

No wifi connection will show,other devices have no issue..and sometimes it takes hours or a full day to connect again.. when it is connected it also doesn't just say connected it shows what appears to be a random string of numbers letters words and symbols that don't mean anything to me but probably have something to do with the connection..any ideas what the cause might be? Or is it possible to fix myself,or is it an internal components issue?

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Hi @aeladia,

Do you mean that the WiFi sometimes doesn't even turn on or just that it turns on and searches but finds nothing?

Have you tried starting the phone in safe mode and check if the WiFi works OK or not?

Does the phone detect your home WiFi network if you use it as close as possible to your WiFi router i.e. <20cm?


Well the best I can answer this is.. the on\off button for phone wifi “turns on” as it does search but it won't find it or any wifi network which there is about 6 in my area that show up(apartment area) it doesn't matter how close or far from router,forgetting wifi and reading doesn't do anything,it seems maybe airplane mode might? But I can't verify that as it only connected once randomly after turning airplane mode on.

I have not tried safe mode as I haven't found what button combination to use,I was gonna do a factory reset(no clue if that would do anything) but I needed it to have wifi to back up..and decided to find a forum to ask about the issue first before going through that.

Cant seem to find any decent app that may diagnose either and phone repair etc are expensive.

Need anymore info let me know!



I linked how to operate in safe mode above in my comment. Click on the blue "safe mode" link in my comment.

Here's how to do a factory restore (aka hard reset).

Be aware that a hard reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. backup the phone to the cloud or a PC first.

Also if the phone has a Google account tied to it, you will need to know your Google account user name and password to access the phone again once it has been reset. This is due to the FRP lock (factory reset protection) that is enabled when it is reset. If you don't you will be locked out of your phone


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