Were is the decription of the wireless chip?

The one reason I was going through your breakdown was to find the wireless chip as there is still a question as to whether Bluetooth functionality comes in the chip as it does with the Nook Color.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Bluetooth functionality on the nook color? Which device is in question, may I ask.


Running CM7 from sdcard and with Dal's kernels there is limited range bluetooth...

My question is related to the new Nook Tablet which does seem to have some of the BT support files at least... Hoping the chip on the tablet can be enabled as done on the color.


I am not a developer and have had no luck researching the Bluetooth issue on the nook color tablet, keep an eye on XDA developers website though as they are working in the issue and are usually pretty quick to come up with answers. Sorry I couldn't be more of a help!


Yes, XDA has the most useful technical info related to both the Nook Color and Nook Tablet usually first... I've been a member (jtbnet) for a number of years and test most of the later model nook achievements when they are available...

The guys here at ifixit provide a great service for users and developers of a lot of new products very soon after they hit the market, thus why I can here to ask for the additional info related to the wireless chip uncovered in their teardown.


I MAY have answered my own question but a teardown confirmation would be Great...

Based on finding

TIWLAN: driver init

TI WiLink 1283 SDIO: Driver loaded

in the Boot Log on


It would seem the Nook Tablet uses a TI WiLink 1283 Wireless chip;


and if so this is a "WiLink 7.0 single-chip WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth and FM solution" !


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