What could cause the USB-C port on my device to burn out?

Is there a specific circumstance or underlying issue that would cause a USB-C port to break in this way? The damage seems only to be sustained from the port, and there does not seem to be any damage to the board itself, so I'm wondering if there could be an outside factor.

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Update 3/19/2024

I thought I'd update this post since I seem to be running into this issue again. I should add some details that I didn't think to add prior. The devices I've seen this happen to are from 2018 and have been using an official Acer OEM charger. I've eliminated the possibility of the outlets being over or undervolted. I have gathered that this is either an issue with the chargers or the actual laptops themselves.

I have examined the damaged devices several times, and none of the chips are visibly damaged. I have also replaced the chargers any time this issue has occurred. At this point any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @jmehnert,

What's the condition of the charger's USB-C plug? Is it showing any signs of getting hot?

Burnt out connectors are either due to a resistive connection so there's voltage drop on the connection, therefore heat etc or excessive current flow through the connection.

The burnt out pins seems to be the VBUS pin which is understandable as it is the voltage input pin but the pin next to it might be CC1 or CC2 pins and this pin determines how much current is allowed to flow, depending on the design.

Here's a link to the USB-C pinout and pin functions that may help


Hey @jayeff,

I have gotten reports of the chargers themselves getting warm, however these are also chargers that haven't been used and have no damage. Although it wouldn't surprise me if the issue was caused by just the chargers alone.


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