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iPad got wet, screen very dark but iPad still functions

My 2yr old daughter spilled water all over the my 1st gen iPad and I'm wondering if it can be salvaged. Unfortunately I didn't know about the water until after I had charged it over night. After learning of the water I put the iPad into a ziplock filled with rice for a few days. Now I take it out, and after plugging it into the charger I notice the following:

1) The bottom of the case begins getting warm quickly in one particular area

2) The display is very dark when the device is powered on, but I can unlock it and I hear the unlock sound

3) I can faintly see app icons and can navigate to other screens

4) It still syncs with iTunes

So the question is - any chance I can repair this or is it a lost cause? Any help would be appreciated - thanks!!

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The first thing that I would suggest is that you follow this general guide on how to deal with water damage. The heating up is possibly your battery. You do want to change that one as well. After you followed the guide, reevaluate and see what works. Here are the guides for your iPad and they should help with the disassembly. The problem with just letting it dry will be corrosion. The reason why it is faint, is caused by the backlight. I do not think the iPad has a 6R8 coil, even so you could look for it. I suspect it uses an IC similar the iPhone 4.You can also download the Apple Technician Guide from here. Not quite as good as the guides from ifixit, but it may have some useful information for you as well.

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Thanks!! I'll go ahead and crack the case open and follow the guide - I'm surprised I didn't come across this before posting my problem!

I'm new to electronic repair so this is probably a pretty basic question - can I order a new backlight? I see a "Front Panel Assembly" offered for $149.95 - would this contain the backlight? Hopefully there's a way to just buy the backlight, because combined with a $49.95 battery and my lack of experience I may be better to suck it up and go with an iPad 2!

by DJH

First, welcome to ifixit :-). Now, your backlight question is a tough one. The iPhone up to 3GS would use a coil to "fire up" the backlight, the 4th gen uses an IC. The actual backlight is in the LCD but needs something to , I guess trigger it, that's what the coil/IC does. Not sure about your iPad. It is possible, that it uses the same IC as the 4th gen iPhone. So you may have to really look around on your board. Check for a coil, see if you find something that has 6R8 on it. Anyhow, do the cleaning first and re-evalaute. Of course you also want to make sure that your settings are okay, that your proximity sensor is okay and all the rest is nice and clean. Worst case scenario, your LCD replacement. You can do cheaper than 149.95 check here Of course if you are not sure if you should fix it yourself, you could send it off to the numerous online stores that perform the repair, or sell it on ebay and go for the "2"Hope this helps, good luck.

by oldturkey03

And the iPad is fixed and fully functional! Ended up replacing the LCD (although it took some time to determine whether the digitizer would need to be replaced as well). Works like a charm now. Thanks again everyone for your help!

by DJH

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turn it off and wrap it in a towel and place it on the radiator

for a few hours..then try it..works for me with phones and stuff.

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Thanks for your help! I think the iPad is all dried out now and will follow the instructions on cleaning up the internals.

by DJH

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change the 4R7 COIL works for repairing backlight!

this method have been tested and works for many water damaged ipads

you can either get it on Amazon or Ebay

just search ipad 4r7 coil backlight

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