Digitizer issues after screen replacement

I bought a screen (without the camera and sensor assembly) from iFixit about 10 days ago since mine had gotten cracked after a bad fall. The replacement took me about 2 hours, and went okay. The camera and sensors work fine, the speaker is fine, the home button works flawlessly. The new screen has no apparent faults, no scratches, no bad pixels, nothing of the sort.
However, the next day, I starting seeing some weird phantom inputs on the touche screen. For instance, while typing a message, it would randomly put on random characters (and never being the same ones). I also remarked that some parts of the screen were becoming unresponsive at times. Just turning the display off and back on again by locking and unlocking the phone usually does enough to make the problem disappear for a bit.

Here’s a list of things I tried :

  • Rebooting the phone
  • Resetting it via iTunes (it already had the most up to date version of iOS when I changed the screen)
  • Reseating the display and the cables for the whole front panel
  • Cleaning up the contacts with a bit of alcohol and letting them dry completely
  • Swapping back to the old display, to confirm the issue is not with the board (despite the cracked glass making some parts hard to read, the old display works without issues)
  • Checking for any issues with the connectors on the logic board
  • Power cycling the phone.

Nothing really helped.
However, since it’s been a bit and I had time to play around, I did find some weird quirks with that issue.
It seems that the problem is most prominent with the screen being horizontal (as it was when I first discovered it, laying in bed), and it seems having the screen vertical nearly completely eliminates the issue (it still happens, just much less frequently).
And it also seems, though that might be confirmation bias, that activating the tap delay in the accessibility options also helped mitigate the issue.

Is there anything else I could try to try and fix the issue, or should I just contact support to return the screen while I still can ? I’m at a total loss, and can’t seem to come up with anything else to try…

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