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Released 2015 LG 55" TV

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LG 55EG960V will not turn on

Hi I have an LG 55EG960V that will not turn on.

Tv plugged into wall and the power button on the remote pressed. It results in a blinking LG logo (Not on the screen, Basically the standby light).

Ive replaced the caps shown in the photo apart from one that I circuled in red (Didnt have the size to hand) and still no luck with it turning on (The old caps didnt look to bad).

You can hear a very slight whine each time the led flashes, But when the logo is blinking if you take out the power lead it continues to flash. You can even wait until it stops blinking and start it blinking again with the power removed, I think this would indicate that no real power is being drawn by the screen.

Where should I start next?

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Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hi @hadley8899,

Here’s a composite image taken from the service manual for the TV chassis (ED53E) that may help. I realize that the TV model number on the service manual is different but I think that your model shares the same chassis so hopefully it will be relevant.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Ive added the image, Must of missed adding it, I will have a run through the service manual, Thankyou for providing that!




This question may be dead now, After going through the service manual it pointed me at a dead mainboard, I ordered one from ebay which has now arrived and I have installed the item. The TV does the exact same thing. So I took the plunge and also ordered a new power supply to rule it out. Still nothing

I am at the point now where Im not sure where else to turn.

To give some details about what I have tested

I have solid 3.5v on the 3 pins that state they should have 3.5v from the power supply

The LG standby light flashes when the remote power button is pressed (Does not work from pressing the main button on the tele)

No other pins on the power supply seem to give out any voltage at all, Regardless of whether the tele is trying to power up or not

The new main board was stated as tested and working and was from a fairly reputable seller with good feedback.

Where do I go now? Any advice?



Did you try the original mainboard with the new power board?

The flowchart says to check that the "Power On goes high" (pin 1 on the power board) i.e. voltage changes from a low state to a high state. This is a signal from the mainboard that tells the power board to turn on. I think that no other voltage readings means that this is not occurring. Power board turning on I mean.

I don't know what the voltage changes to, perhaps from 0V to 3.5V as this is all that is being supplied to the mainboard from the power board at standby, so maybe that is all it can signal back until the power board is turned on.

It is also strange that the power on/off button on the TV doesn't do anything.

If the IR receiver for the remote control is not on the TV power button board but is on a separate board, maybe you could try disconnecting the power button board from the mainboard and check using the remote only.

If it is on the same board then you're stuck as to how to turn on the TV if the board is disconnected.

maybe also check that none of the TV controls are stuck half operated for some reason etc. Try pressing each of them a few times just in case


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