Speakerphone/loudspeaker echo on Pixel 3


I recently replaced the usb port on my pixel 3.  That required removing and reinserting the loudspeaker, similar to the loudspeaker replacement guide on ifixit.com.  The top part of the back panel is now broken as well, and I ordered a new panel from ifixit which I have in hand.

 My problem is recently i noticed the speakerphone is causing an echo that incoming callers can hear, and it even causes issues with voice recognition automated phone calls as the input microphone is not noise cancelling the speakerphone. I’m thinking it has something to do with the loudspeaker gasket.  On your guide for loudspeaker replacement;


Step 18 mentions the gasket should be reconstructed if in bad condition.  Could this be causing this echo if say my gasket was damaged when I removed and reinserted the loudspeaker from my previous repair?  or could it be a faulty loudspeaker that needs to be replaced?  Not sure if the loudspeaker part for pixel 3 contains the mic.  Lastly could it be from the damaged back panel? (which is broken on the top so seems unlikely).  Thanks!

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