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Oral-B Braun Toothbrush Motor Not Working

I have the following toothbrush: Oral-B Braun Genius X Type 3771

The toothbrush can be fully charged, battery lights are working normally. It can be switched on, all indicator lights are working, pressure sensor light is working fine, timer light is also working.

The problem only is that it just won’t spin/vibrate. I’ve replaced to a new toothbrush head, but still doesn’t work. No humming/sound from the body at all.

I am willing to attempt to repair it by myself. My questions are:

  1. I’m suspecting motor problem inside, is this correct?
  2. Is it repairable?
  3. Is there a guide?

Thanks for your time. Hope you’d help me out.

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Hello together,

I have a similar problem.

When the toothbrush is out for 5 or 10 minutes I'm able to turn it on, at the most times.

It goes on for about 2-3 seconds.

After that, it goes off. The light is still on. But nothing happens anymore.

Sometimes i car turn it on again, sometimes not...

The SMD is okay, the battery is fully charged with 3,88 V.

Any ideas?



I would start with a new battery.

Even though it shows the correct voltage this doesn't mean that it is OK when under load.

You may be measuring the open circuit voltage and not the voltage when it is "working"


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Is it humming but not spinning when you try to turn it on?

If it is humming, check if you can you gently turn the spindle by hand to see if it moves or even if it starts to turn by itself (if the power is switched on) once you try to turn it.

If so it may be that there is not enough power to initially start the motor rotating or the spindle is jammed somehow.

If not you may have to find out why the motor is not getting any power.

Couldn’t find a guide for your model but here’s a video that shows how to replace the batteries in a Genius 3765. Hopefully this is close enough to your model to be of some help. At least enough to open the toothbrush so that the motor action can be checked.

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I’m having the same problem with my toothbrush, which is the same model as yours. Did you find out the problem and we’re you able to fix it?


Same model same problem. Everything lights up as normal with fully charged indicators and yet motor does not vibrate or move? What the heck. Now how to fix it?


Why do people constantly ask questions that are already answered by the OP in the question??????????????


Same model same problem! Does anyone have a fix to this problem?


Same model same problem


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I found that toothpaste remnants can jam up the axle that sticks out of the body and goes inside the brushhead. Clean it up, and use pliers to move it the way it normally would (it swings about 30 degrees)

This worked on mine. YMMV

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Thanks but, that did not work. The brush stopped working while in my mouth. I suspect a blown fuse or water related short circuit. Have reviewed a YouTube video and let’s see if I can tinker with it to fix it


FIXED. Open the Oral-B Genius brush and replace or short the smd fuse (marked as PP). Watch the YouTube video:


I also fixed my Genius X but without needing to replace the fuse - just pushing down hard on it whilst the device was activated (main brushing light on) and it suddenly came to life. Not sure what failure mode of a fuse explains this behaviour but worth a go as it saves shorting the fuse or waiting a long time for a replacement part.


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It is the second time I have the very same problem! Were you able to fix it?

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Yes I was, with the YouTube tutorial.

Watch the YouTube video:


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