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The Jabra Speak 510 is a Bluetooth and USB speakerphone for conference calls.

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How to turn off bluetooth?

I have trouble with others connecting to my Jabra Speak 510 and others at work has that problem. It happens even if people are FAR away and never connected to THAT particular Jabra Speak 510. It’s a big problem because it makes all our Jabra Speak 510s useless. We have LOTS of them and must bin them if there’s no solution to this.

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I have the same issue, however, our Jabra's are plugged in to a computer everymorning for each room we are not using Bluetooth to connect to them. Everytime the teacher plugs the Jabra to their computer the Bluetooth flashes and some random student's phone is getting connected to it. These are installed on the ceiling so its not a quick press on to turn off the Bluetooth on the Jabra itself. I have read the directions to disable the Bluetooth all together so when someone walks in the room their phone does not connects, It just keeps going back to Bluetooth Avery time. Very frustrating. I have reached out to Jabra support but of course there is no answer so ... any ideas?


@Jessie M - Turn off Bluetooth advertise! But make sure you note the given speakers unique Bluetooth ID and post it in the room so people can manually connect if they need to.

Some older units won't give you the option and you need the Jabra Direct application to do it.


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You have a very simple problem! It’s just not easy to see.

Think of it this way everyone in the room is named Steve and you need to get the attention of the red head guy four desks over so you yell out Steve! And everyone looked at you and yelled back Yes! That didn’t work did it!

OK, So how do I get to the Steve I want? As each has a different last name we could use it.

FYI: each Bluetooth device has a unique ID its a 12 digit Hex number which you would need to enter manually and unless you already know it that won’t help.

So with Bluetooth we need to discover the unique Bluetooth ID of each device and make it so we can ID each speaker using it instead of the name all of the speakers are named by default (likely Jabra_510).

You’ll need to download the Jabra Direct application so you customize its settings.

So each person will need to take their system and speaker home away from the others. Now the first task is to delete the current entries (Jabra speakers) within the systems Bluetooth settings, then turn on the one Jabra speaker so it will show up in the listing. Depending on your systems OS you should be able to name it something within your Bluetooth settings. So the unique Bluetooth ID your speaker has is now using a more human name. This allows you to see your unique device from the others.

But wait! I want others to see my unit too! So at that point you’ll need to program the speaker with a unique name. I use UE speakers and using the app they offer I can name my speakers (the smart ones only). The Jabra Direct should be able to do that (their doc’s don’t tell me if that’s possible so you’ll need to check it out). Now when you go back to the office your Bluetooth device is unique to the others. So now when you yell out Steve! Only the one to yell back will be Steve!

The app may allow you to turn off Bluetooth advertise which will reduce the chatter.

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