Gearshift Indicator Flickering, Shutting off and Tachometer Jumping.

i have an automatic transmission, 2008 Mazda 6i and Recently, when driving, the gearshift indicator on the dashboard will flicker and almost every time, the indicator will just shut off and when doing that, there’s often time an awful kickback and the rpm gauge will skyrocket, while my engine is not whining, it is just revving so loud and i am staying at a high rpm number while my car loses speed, or gains little to no speed.

along with that there is sometime hard shifting between gears up and down, and just within the past couple of days, when i turn my car on, it doesn’t light up on the dash board that i’m in park (until i shift down to drive and the rest of the letters will come on).

it’s a very random problem and i can’t replicate it, it just happens when it happens. the only way i know how to fix it (until it acts up again) is to pull over, turn my car off, and turn it back on again.

any ideas, advice, or questions are appreciated!!!

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