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intermitent power on and off veiwsonic va912

HI all i have a old veiwsonic va912 used as a extended desktop in a 4 monitor set up, a bit ago it started powering off then on again without any user input. im not exatly new to motitor problems so have managed to narow it down first a discription of the fault

  1. after the monitor is powered on from cold it will run no probs for 5 min or so
  2. after this it will turn its self off competly no power leds no turning back on if i press power botton its as if the power cable is unpluged
  3. after 30-60 secs it will power back on
  4. after 30-60 secs it will power off again and this will reapeat indefenatly
  5. so after some looking around i found this site and a forum that seemed to have same issues as mine the main marked up ansew was yes its prob the power board buy a new one, one of the other ansewers did metion it could be a overheat problem so i striped the monitor again (id already had it in bits and did a visual inspetion for bulged caps with no look) and did note that some solder joints had burnt, so i resoldered and the prob was still there but with the board exposed the screen stayed on for longer, and with a fan blowing on it it stayed on indefenatly though after some time it got very buzzy noise wise and lots off tiny horazotal lines started to blurr the picture.
  6. so i belive some of the CAPs are bad is there a way to test them? well on board ive orderd a multi pack of CAPs but would like to narrow it down obviose start are the solder joints that were burnt, id rather not just replace all of them as i am boand to runn in to this prob again at some point and would like to know a effechent way of narrowing it down and only replaceing bad CAPs
  7. Thanks for reading and Thanks for any responses
  8. im going to strip a tv with a smashed screen and see if any of the CAPs are the right size and report back with any thing i find Thanks again all :)
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link to power board manual ( though be damed if i can read it lol.

most of the heat apears to be comeing from the 1st transrormer buy the power inlet and and part u1 01 that has a larg heat sink gets very very hot very fast, am thinking cut a big ass hole in the back of the case and atach a 12v PC case fan to it as should keep the heat down, doubt it will stop the statky pic though, and what ever is makeing it over heat in the 1st place, are well off to bed and start freash in the morning


still no luck im afraid though i have had monitor stay on longer resoldering some of the burnt solder joints, if i could find my solder pump and flux id have better luck as even the re-soldered joints are sub par at best lol, read the section on this site about testing caps, i only have a multi meter though and if my skim read is right that is only usefull for all or nothing testing with the cap separated from the board :( gona have a good look around for the rest of my soldering kit and re-do all joints that look dodge will post if i have any succsess


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Hi @pog13th ,

There seems to be a few different model variants in the series but fortunately there are also some service manuals as well.

They have the troubleshooting flowcharts and the schematics which should make it easier to find out what is or is not happening.

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nice find ill go through them tomorrow :) thanks a lot ill let you know how it goes :)


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