Random voices coming through speaker

Two times now my speaker is coming on with random voices. It’s so loud and the voices seem to stop as soon as one of us open our door to see what’s going on. It’s in a spare bedroom my phone shows no connection to it each time. What’s going on?

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Hi @susanstockton ,

The speaker is not paired with an Amazon Echo device by any chance?

Have you tried un pairing the speaker and then checking if the voices are still being heard through the speaker?

To disconnect the current device, press and hold down the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds. - The Blue Light will begin flashing and the OontZ Angle 3 is now ready to pair and connect to your device so in this condition there should be no audio from the speaker.


It is not paired with any amazing echo device. I don’t own any. It’s been turned off and repaired. Sounds like Terri people taking the other morning and today it was Governor Abbots voice. Real weird. Haunting.


My guess it that someone was watching something and paused it when you opened the door. Have everyone in your house play something one at a time when the speaker is on.


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