2001-2007 Dodge Caravan

This repair manual covers both the short-wheelbase Caravan and long-wheelbase Grand Caravan models.

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My 2002 Dodge Caravan will not start or turn over

2002 Dodge Cravan quit running at hwy speed. All instrument lights are working. No service engine light is on. When you turn the key, instrument lights go out and there is a faint click at the fusebox. the battery is charged and the terminals are clean. Wiring at fuse box and computer checked. Fusebox and computer replaced with working ones. Any ideas?

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You replaced the fusebox and the computer due to this error?

by oldturkey03

I've owned a Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Cirrus...both problems I had with these vehicles were the same problems. Transmissions and Emissions. Best bet is to check those out first. I will never buy the brand again. Oh ...I also drove the brand Chrysler and Dodge for a delivery service and his vehicles kept breaking down all over the state as well. Try Chevrolet or Ford.

by Orlando

I'd like to intervene, if that's ok? First, where was the computer located? Behind the front bumper cover or under the hood close to the radiator support? The starter relay could be swapped out with the a/c compressor relay. Did you try that? The click could be the asd relay or the starter relay. They would both need to be working correctly to run, but the starter relay must work for it to turn over. Check that. They are labeled, it should be an easy test.

by Tradesman

I would like to add but not sure if this will help everyone. I got the caravan working that would not start and security system seemed to be the issue. I found a video on youtube where the wires in the harness melt together. they were not melted together but were starting to and I pulled them apart. where the wires are. if you look behind the igniton coil. you can follow the wire harness and you will see wire cover that looks more like a Velcro cover not tape. I pulled the Velcro cover off and pulled the wires apart and the car started and I think I will need to tape the wires separate to insure that they wont get In contact again. I hope this helps. for what the dealer wants to charge and never find this. don't waste your money unless they can tell you what this problem is. why they don't have a bulletin about these wires melting together is beyond me. they need to recall this issue and just replace the cover or tape them a different way

by adam truesdale

I forgot about this post sorry I didn't update sooner. the problem was a bad wire under the battery tray. took awhile for another shop to find the wire and then took less then 5 bucks to fix the connections from what the owner told me. wish I could investigate it more but the lady is driving it all the time now. seems there was some recalls on these minivans for wiring issues. so call the dealers to find out if yours has been recalled.

by adam truesdale

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Instrument lights go out and a click at the fusebox would lead me to belive that it is either a relay or a starter issue.

Performing the starter relay test.

(3) Perform a visual inspection of the starter/starter solenoid for corrosion, loose connections or faulty wiring.

(4) Locate and remove the starter relay from the Power Distribution Center (PDC). Refer to the PDC label for relay identification and location.

(5) Connect a remote starter switch or a jumper wire between the remote battery positive post and terminal 87 of the starter relay connector.

(a) If engine cranks, starter/starter solenoid is good. Go to the Starter Relay Test.

(b) If engine does not crank or solenoid chatters, check wiring and connectors from starter relay to starter solenoid and from the battery positive terminal to starter post for loose or corroded connections.

Particularly at starter terminals.

(c) Repeat test. If engine still fails to crank properly, trouble is within starter or starter mounted solenoid, and replace starter. Inspect the ring gear teeth.




The starter relay is located in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) in the engine compartment. Refer to the PDC label for relay identification and location.

Remove the starter relay from the PDC as described in this group to perform the following tests:

(1) A relay in the de-energized position should have continuity between terminals 87A and 30, and no continuity between terminals 87 and 30. If OK, go to Step 2. If not OK, replace the faulty relay.

(2) Resistance between terminals 85 and 86 (electromagnet)

should be 75 ±5 ohms. If OK, go to Step

3. If not OK, replace the faulty relay.

(3) Connect a battery B+ lead to terminals 85 and a ground lead to terminal 86 to energize the relay. The relay should click. Also test for continuity between terminals 30 and 87, and no continuity between terminals 87A and 30. If OK, refer to Relay Circuit Test procedure. If not OK, replace the faulty relay"

Hope this gets you started. You can download the service manual from here Good Luck.

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Mine is doing the same and it's not the starter or the relay. Checked both more than once. We also checked the ignition switch. Mine just didn't crank after I got in it from the store. Any ideas? I babysit and really need my van. Thanks

by beth broughton

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okay people i hope this will help some. i have a 2002 caravan. and when i tried to start the car the alarm would sound and the lights on the dash blinked like crazy and the ads relay clicked no stop. so after looking in a few places for help. i found a youtube video with the same problem the wires behind the ignition module has a spot that is not easy to get to and the wires will start to melt together. look for the wire covered in what looks like a fabric. it has velcro if that helps. pull it off and pull the wires apart. i also used dielectric grease for the connector. i also took the ignition module out of the way to make it easier and use the grease on the connector also. its running now and no help from the dealer. if the wires melted together i would have taped the wires before covering them back up.

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Peter, If battery/connections, fuses and relays all look good, check connections at starter and where negative cable attaches to engine/bracket for being loose/corroded. If all looks good there, probably a bad starter.

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I did all of that. And replaced starter, it was fine for a day and now it won't start again...?

by Sunnygrl

If it started after you put the new starter in, recheck battery condition and all connections, it is possible you got a faulty new starter. You may want a good Tech. to have a look, diagnose and estimate repair.

by L Pfaff

Might be a bad ground or bad wire under the battery tray

by Adam Truesdale

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