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Repair information and troubleshooting for the Lenovo Y700 gaming laptop with a 14 inch screen. This laptop was made in 2015 as part of the IdeaPad Y series and has since been discontinued.

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Lenovo Y700 GTX 960m Issue

Good day everyone!


I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 gaming laptop. My issue is with my GTX 960m graphics card not working properly / not being recognized (Error 43, Error 32, and Error 10). Issue started after I was gaming one day and I closed the screen while the game was running. It wouldn't work properly after that. Laptop is used very lightly and usually only for browsing and light activities (rarely for gaming). First owner and personal use only so I am sure it didn't fall or take a blow. Also it is used in an air conditioned environment (so heating shouldn't be an issue). Things I tried to do to fix the issue:


1- Uninstall/stop then reinstall/run the graphics driver.

2- Uninstall graphics driver using DDU program then doing a fresh re-install of it.

3- Switching Integrated/dedicated GPU settings in BIOS in hope of reactivating it or something.

4- Taking laptop apart to clean it and check for accumulated dust (no accumulated dust).

5- Update BIOS, sound drivers, and various other drivers from Lenovo website.

6- Reset laptop while keeping files.

7- Reset laptop without keeping files.

8- Various little steps from different forums and Youtube.

9- Ensure Windows 10 is up to date.


Weird detail: When sometimes the graphics card is detected and Nvidia control panel shows up in the right click options (on desktop), I try to interact with it but shortly the laptop gets a blue screen and restarts.


Any help is appreciated as I am losing hope to ever game on this laptop again (this has been going on for months) xD.

Edit: I did try to post this on the Lenovo English forum but I got no answers.



Update (11/07/2020)


Thanks for your answer. Yes usually after uninstalling then restarting, the GPU would have an error code (error 43 is the most common). Other times it has errors 32 or 10.

This is the result of the test:

Block Image

Edit: For some reason, picture is not showing up. I did the simple scan and all components passed.

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Hi @redbullet ,

Just verifying that the GPU is not being detected as OK when it has been uninstalled in Device Manager and the laptop has been restarted, is this correct?

Also what results do you get when doing a custom hardware diagnostics video card test?


Hi @redbullet ,

Bit confused here and didn’t pick up on it at first, but what is the model number of the laptop?

The video drivers for a Y700-14ISK that you have selected with your question, show that it has an AMD graphics adapter along with the Intel adapter and not a Nvidia GTX 960M adapter.

Are the GTX960M drivers installed the same version, Ver. 457.09 as from the manufacturer?


@jayeff Hello!

Sorry I just checked under the laptop and it's Y700-15ISK and not 14ISK as I mistakenly mentioned earlier. My laptop has a Nvidia GTX 960M - true. I just downloaded the latest driver (460.89) from Nvidia's website but the problem is still there.

@wendygeek Yes I did but unfortunately it didn't solve it.

@ndial I am hopeful that it's just a software glitch or something xD.


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3 Answers

Have you try to install the drivers for that graphic card?

When there is an error such as that is because it is missing the drivers, and or it needs to be updated.

Research thru the Internet or the graphic card company for the drivers.

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i had the same issue exactly, the same laptop with same gpu, unfortunately i am not happy to tell you that the gpu should be replaced, its an hardware error, the gpu is defected.

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Hi @redbullet ,

Just verifying that the Nvidia GPU is being detected in BIOS as you said “ Switching Integrated/dedicated GPU settings in BIOS in hope of reactivating it or something.” Does this mean that it is always there in BIOS even though it usually isn’t in Windows?

I realize that you said that you updated the BIOS but was wondering if perhaps there may be some corrupted data in BIOS that is causing this and the update to the BIOS wasn’t in the area of the problem.

Convoluted way of saying that you try a full power refresh to reset the BIOS back to its factory default condition. Worth a try at least I think.

Here’s the procedure:

a). Turn off the laptop if on and disconnect the charger if connected.

b). Open the laptop and disconnect the main battery from the motherboard. You don’t have to remove the battery, just disconnect it.

c). Unplug the RTC battery (example only to show you what it looks like) from the motherboard. Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop. Go to p.59 to view the procedures to remove the battery. Hopefully you don’t have to complete all the necessary pre-requisite steps just to unplug it from the board.

d). Press and hold the laptop’s Power On button for a full 30 seconds and then release.

e). Reverse the above procedure to re-assemble the laptop.

Once the laptop is re-assembled, connect and switch on the charger and then turn on the laptop and when it has booted etc check if the Nvidia GPU now appears OK in Device Manager.

I’m not sure but there may be a message when you first turn on the laptop about the date and time being incorrect. This is normal as the BIOS has been reset. Once the date and time have been corrected the message won’t appear the next time that the laptop is started.

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Good day @jayeff

Thanks for your detailed answers and for attaching the manual - helps a lot. I just checked the Bios and under Configuration > Graphic Device > it shows "Switchable Graphics" and "Internal Graphic". Not entirely sure if this means the Bios detects the GTX 960M gpu? It could be though since there is a "switchable graphics" option? "Switchable Graphics" was selected in the BIOS and I kept it this way.

Just performed the instructions in the order mentioned. The time and date did not reset. Now the GTX 960M doesn't show at all in the Device Manager (only the integrated GPU is showing). Not uncommon - used to happen every now and then. I tried scanning the "Display Adapters" for "Hardware Changes" but nothing changed.



Hi @redbullet

Really scratching for ideas that don't say that the GPU has failed.

A far fetched idea but can you verify that both the fans are working?

Just wondering if one of the fans may be responsible for the GPU so to speak, (the other for the CPU) and if it weren't operating there would be no signal from the fan to the BIOS indicating that it was operating so maybe it isolates the GPU to protect from being used and possibly overheating.

As I said maybe far fetched but it wouldn't take much to prove it. Does the BIOS have fan rpm info etc? The manuals aren't very forthcoming as to what is shown in detail.

if not in BIOS maybe a visual is all that is needed to check that both are operating


Hello @jayeff

I am starting to think maybe the gpu has indeed failed. Can't see how or why though considering how lightly I work on it.

I don't remember seeing fan rpm info in the BIOS and the fans have a fine black mesh on them so I can't see them. I did activate the extreme cooling option though and air was blowing from the entire rear vent so I assume all fans are working.

Anyway thanks all for your valuable help and suggestions. If I do know the reason or if I fix the problem, I'll update you here



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