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The Latitude E7440 is an ultrabook by Dell released in November 2013, identified by model number 730-6964, with a fully usable touchscreen display. It is a high end business laptop built to be portable and sleek yet sturdy.

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Removing the BIOS asset tag from a used Dell?

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I know this may be a bit exotic for the iFixit community and that's fine. I purchased 2 E7440 i7 FHD Touch systems as a lot for almost nothing compared to what they get complete, so I took a chance and both were easily repaired - even if it took a new drive (pulled), spare RAM and 2 LCDs (1 with TAB issues, other from a junk system that was too far gone - fried inductor and dead shorted motherboard). I’ve blurred the tags to protect the previous company if anyone knows.

PART 1: I noticed this because I needed to confirm the tag on the bottom matched for the ownership transfer (otherwise I remove the sticker, and replace or leave blank) so I decided to make sure it's not hiding an asset tag while I was there after it passed the tester hard drive check (shows in BIOS).

PART 2: When I checked for anything I want to change in the BIOS before I install Windows, I did go though the BIOS to see if I need/want to adjust anything and they have a BIOS asset tag. The issue with Dell is you can’t clear this out in the BIOS once set (although it can be set in BIOS) and it persists. I did some research and I think I know what tools I need to use, but I’m not 100% clear. It looks like a job for CCTK (Dell Command|Configure) on the E7440, since it’s such a new machine that may not work with the legacy Platform Tag Utility.

Is there any instructions on how to do it I should be aware of, and which one will clear it out? Normally I’d know this, but you do not run into this every day.

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Hi Nick, Have you tried this Dell utility?

I got this from:

Let us know how it goes.


@aactech Why would someone leave an asset tag in the BIOS like this? If you know how to add it, you can remove it. Granted I didn't know because this is a first time issue for me to the extent I needed some clues, though.

I mean sure they're old but these have the i7 CPU - they're worth rebuilding if you're equipped.

They were sold as no boot systems though.


@aactech Didn't work - permission denied when I fed it one of the tags from the E7440s :(.


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Hi @nick

Did a bit of searching and came across this which may be of some use

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@jayeff Going to try that, but I need to update the BIOS on both - they're both really out of date. I had to wait since Dell REALLY do not like to allow a BIOS update without a battery. The other will need to be brought up to A27 as well but I can do that. The one I just did was sold to me with A08(!!!). Other is at A11 so it may be fine as-is for the asset tag removal, but it's too far out to not do it.

One is done, but the other is still a work in progress. The touchscreen is a gimmick, but it at least guarantees 1080p.

YEP - it's no longer there so that did it. Didn't need to remove it, but no point in keeping it on a system that doesn't need it. BTW the price was super agreeable for the risk of a dead board vs. getting these running. The boards for the i7-4600U version I have are especially expensive to the point if the boards were toast, I'd just use them for parts and buy another machine. i5s aren't as bad, but I wouldn't mess with a board in a i5 version.


I just did the other one lol. Had to upgrade the BIOS from A11>A24, but I only did it now because of a line issue on the LCD with the other one.

Probably would have worked on A11, but it complained on A08 on the other one.


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