LCD panel stops working after lock screen

My Ipad Mini 2 LCD panel crapped out just after warranty expired. I replaced the panel based on the instructions here. Things were great. Device worked fine for a long period of months.

Not sure if this is causal or coincidental, but the device took an iOS update (Honestly, I cant remember which one) and I started experiencing the problem that follows:

LCD/backlight and digitizer work fine upon hard reset. After login, everything still works fine.

Locking the screen appears to work appropriately (screen dims).

However when coming out of the lock screen, the LCD fails to show an image. The backlight appears to be working as it is an illuminated black screen. The device is still operating - you can interact with both the digitizer and the home button (if you can guess where to touch without images on the screen). And you can hear the appropriate sounds coming out of the device.

Nothing resolves this state short of a hard reset. Disabling the lock screen entirely keeps the ipad working, but is less than ideal.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is this a hardware error or a software error? The panel worked fine for a long period prior to the iOS update.

If it is a hardware error, I would be okay with picking up a new panel, but I just want some insight prior to swapping the panel out again.

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