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This is a standard irrigation system control box used for residential homes. It can manage a maximum of six valves.

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I keep blowing fuses in the control box and reverts back to Pwr Off

I keep blowing fuses on my rain bird esp-8tm and then it reverts back to Pwr off

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Change solenoids and still got the dreadfully PROFF


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Hi @menyv ,

Does the fuse blow immediately or when you start the controller to begin a watering program?

If immediately then there is a problem in the controller.

If only when starting a watering program then one of the stations in the controller or one of the solenoids (or the pump start relay / master valve), may be faulty. You would then have to find out which one.

Disconnect all the stations solenoid wires (not their common wire connection) and the pump start/master valve wire (if you have one)

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) you could measure between each solenoid wire (and pump /master valve) and the common point (earth) and check the resistance to make sure that it is not short circuit.

If all the solenoids test OK then connect one solenoid only, to each station in turn and then test each station and check if the fuse blows.

If you don’t have a meter then if you have enough fuses connect one solenoid wire to each station in turn and check if the fuse blows. If it works for all the stations, then try the next solenoid wire on one station only as they have been proved to be OK and then the next solenoid wire etc until the fuse blows.

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Awesome Thank you so much! Is it normal for the Ac transformer to get super hot?? When the fuse popped ?



The transformer should never get that hot. It may get warm if everything is working OK and that's about all. If it gets very hot then there is a lot of current flowing when there shouldn't be.

Is the fuse the correct rating? If the inserted fuse is rated higher than what is specified it will allow more current to flow before it blows this may actually damage the components that it was designed to protect.

For a fuse to blow there is excess current flowing through the fuse.

If the controller is not operating i.e. no watering program occurring then there should only be minimal current flowing, only enough to keep the settings e.g. date, time and program settings, basically standby mode.

If the fuse blows in this mode then there is a problem with the controller.

If the controller is operating the transformer is supplying a lot more current to operate the solenoid valves. If the fuse blows when it is doing this see above answer.


I still have the dreadful PR OFF



You said you changed the solenoids so presumably one was blowing the fuse, is this correct you didn't say what occurs after changing the solenoids except PR OFF?

If the fuse is holding and you have a PR OFF being displayed, try the following:

Disconnect the power from the controller, disconnect the backup battery from the controller and then turn on the controller for about 30 seconds, simulating a manual watering program is starting.

Hopefully this will reset the controller by draining any residual power in the controller and restoring it to a default condition.

Then switch the controller to Off, replace the battery and then reconnect the power to the controller and check what happens.

If it still says PR Off there is a problem in the controller as it is not detecting the correct incoming power

Check that 24V AC is being supplied to the power input terminals of the controller (Not the power connected to the input of the transformer as this should be either 120V AC or 240V AC depending on where you are)


Thank you so much for the detailed information. After I changed and tested all solenoids it is still showing PR off. I changed the fuse and the Cr 2025 battery as well. I’m thinking it’s either the transformer or controller.


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