Fake charging - not enough voltage to battery connector?

Hey guys! I have a HTC ultra on hand that has been fake charging - its my aunty’s phone - and she basically just told me to get a new battery for her - and so i did - but while waiting for battery to arrive - i checked over the board cuz it wasn’t long ago that i already replaced a battery for her! and i found that there was only 1.2 vs getting to the battery connector on the board - and kinda guessed that new battery wasn’t going to fix the problem - which - once new battery came - sure enough - still was fake charging

what steps do i take now to diagnose the problem? and does anyone have access to or know where i could find schematics for the U Ultra? i’ve search d and searched - but haven't been able to find one online?!

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oh also - after i replaced her battery first time - i told her not to use $@$*!& cheap chargers - but i just found out she has still been using them - so im assuming the charger has caused damage somewhere on the board ? :/


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