SRS light stays on


how do i reset the srs light?

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there is a DIY fix for that, but please remember that there is a reason why this light came on. Your SRS Light may indicate a more serious problem that should be checked out by a dealer or equivalent. Here it goes and you can get the pics for it from this great forum

"(1) Locate MES Plug. It should be located near the driver's side fuse panel under the dash. The harness is yellow with two wires.

(2) Unplug the MES Plug. It should look like this.

(3) Insert one end of speaker wire into MES Plug (one wire in each contact)

(4) Follow this sequence of shorting the other two leads of the speaker wire and turning the ignition to "on" (not accessory, not start)

-Short and hold the leads while you turn the ignition to on. The SRS Light will illuminate for a few seconds then go off.

-When the SRS Light goes off, unshort the wires. The SRS Light will come back on.

-Short and hold the wires again. The SRS Light will go off.

-When the SRS Light goes off, unshort the wires. The SRS Light will blink twice.

-Turn the ignition off.

-Start engine as normal. The SRS Light should illuminate for a couple of seconds as normal and then go off.

(4a) This series of shorting/unshorting needs to take place within a 4 second window of the SRS Light going on/off each time."

Hope this is what you tried to accomplish. Again Please make sure your SRS is working properly. Good Luck

I also recommend that the PO remove both battery posts as a friend of mine had a passenger side airbag deploy right on his face as he worked on his radio, the SRS light was always on also. This light indicates a problem with the overall system, I would let the pros handle this.


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