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Sanyo tv model DP15647 sound but no picture.

The tv screen is black. No static picture at all, just black. The tv turns on , has sound.

Any suggestions? I like to tinker.

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Do you have anything else connected to the TV i.e. DVD Satellite DVR etc.?Tried to disconnect everything from it? Changed your video input? Tried a DVD without anything else hooked up to it? Does any other TV work on that outlet? Not trying to insult you, just making sure we have more detail....Thanks.


my guess would be the inverter if you do all of oldturkey's trouble shooting and no dice..but no idea how you'd go about changing it in your tv..


That was my thinking as well. Either backlight, inverter, or the LCD itself. Still need to rule out power board as well.....


Yes, everything is plugged in. Unplugging one unit that works, cable and outlet , then into this tv. So it's not those things.

I'm thinking the LCD aw well. Can I replace that? Would it be difficult and costly? And , do you know how?



The power supply/inverter board is down.


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it's not likely that you need to replace the LCD unless you have dropped it or have obvious signs of damage to it, it is more likely that the power supply to the LCD is the problem. Most modern TV's have a power board, sound board and for want of a better term a picture board. The picture board on some TV's have capacitors that are prone to going bad..just replaced them on a cheap BUSH..cost £1.79. Unfortunately it's not always that simple.If you have sound when you play dvd or select TV mode then the likely culprit is a part on the picture board. If you are confident then you may like to try taking the old board out and putting in a new one. We may get lucky and oldturkey03 has the service manual to help you out in doing that. (I didn't have any manuals to go by but the nice people who made the TV put arrows on all the screws to remove for the back and disconnecting connections between the 3 boards was relatively easy, most were push pin connections-no soldering etc involved. All I needed was a philips head screwdriver and some patience) You can find the part no. you will need written on the board itself, and parts are pretty common on ebay. Good luck.

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+definitely the way to go. Trying to get you the manual and will let you know as soon as I got it....;-) in the meantime follow pollytintop's advice. Just as an FYI, the LCD will cost you more than a new TV. They are difficult to obtain...


having just repaired 2 tv' with sound no picture, the other had no picture but sound, I thought I'd come back and offer my learnings. I bought 2 sound boards both were faulty! So had another look at the caps with a multimeter and found the culprit. Total cost £0.79. The sound boards cost £30 -£35! (returned both) So if you are good at soldering/desoldering and can find the burned/bulging cap I'd try that and save money.


Okay, oldturkey03 & pollytintop, I have a Sanyo LCD TV, probe 2yrs old.... the other day the screen went black, could still hear the show. I turned off the TV, waited a few then turned it back on. Picture came back on for about 3 seconds then went black again. So I've read everything & have the back off the TV.... Don't know which board is which & I'm outa my depth here.... any advise or directions you can give to help me fix this TV myself?? Thanks in advance Sincerely Christine in Georgia


Christine did you get a fix? Mine is currently doing the same exact thing


i have same problem,i can turn it on and pic works for maybe a min or 2 and goes out but sound still works,any help would be appreciated


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Although most of these posts are old one solution I found and worked for me was resetting my digital box, just unplug your cable box and plug it back in a minute or two later.

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