Battery 2 not charging and always stuck on 100% anmd fully charged

Hi all,

I recently spilled water on my laptop keyboard. After letting it dry out for about a week and powering it on it seemed like the SB2 had the following issues:

  1. It only recognized the intel graphics card and not the GTX 1060.
  2. battery 2 was always stuck on 100% and fully charged
  3. It had a hard time detecting if the keyboard dock was attached.
  4. When the keyboard dock was registered as attached, the detach key on the keyboard would not work and you would have to press the icon on the task bar to detach the keyboard.

Other than these things all other functions worked.

Regarding fixing solutions:

  1. i have opened up the laptop and cleaned all the connectors with Methyalated Sprites
  2. Checked the battery 2 voltages of each of the 6 cells, which gave a reading of 4.6V
  3. The charging port itself seems like its working, As in there seems to be free of deposits and the light for the charger is a solid white when plugged in.

I cannot think of anything else to check for or how to fix it. Please help

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