Sim card in slot 1 not detected

Sim 1 slot suddenly stopped working! Never dropped the device, and didn’t swap the sim cards anytime recently. Both sim cards have been in place and working flawlessly for several months until one morning sim 1 stopped working. I use the device for everyday use and don’t game or do anything that pushes the internals to heat up, therefore no chance of a thermal related issue. Battery was soemwhere around 70-75% when I went to sleep and had no significant drain in the morning, so no chance of an internal short circuit or anything. The device did not get wet either (never had it touching water). I reset the network, factory resetted the device and tried everything but the slot does not work. When I interchange the two sim cards, the sim itself works when on slot 2. But whatever sim I tried on slot 1 does not work, so it’s definetely a problem with the slot. I got this trough a friend of mine coming back from China, so won’t be able to go for warranty (theres no authorized agent in my country Sri Lanka). I am willing and confident on doing the repair myself (I have experience with other mobile devices, notebooks, PCs and consoles where most of the repairs I do myself), but couldn’t find a trustworthy source to obtain genuine parts. Any advice on how to approach the repairing process by pointing to a trusty supplier or a method to claim warranty would be realhelpful. Thanks

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