Spilled lemonade on mouse (broken motherboard)

Hey! I spilled 2 years ago a lemonade on my MX Master. I put it away and forgot about it. And since we all have plenty of time home (I guess) I found it and I am trying to repair.

I think there is problem in the motherboard, the mouse won't charge and won't turn on at all.

Usually when I repair pc, laptop, macbook whatever I find spare parts and replace but in the mouse it's not possible (I can not find any spare parts available).

I think here is problem, the contact is rusted.

Block Image

I am no eletrician I have never done this micro soldering stuff, I don't know how to find the parts needed I am not sure what equipment do I need (surely macro camera) and, here comes the question I don't know whether I should give it a shot and try to learn micro soldering?

Do you think is repairable, should I try it? If so, any advice, litarature to read, tips, tricks, equipment? I mean I have several broken parts, like macbook motherboards, pc motherboard, gpus etc.

I will be glad for any response, I am kind of bored home so I could learn a thing or two.


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