Removed and unclogged print head with household ammonia

I hadn’t printed for a year, and the print head was clogged. I attempted half-measures, such as Windex on a cloth beneath the head, several times. I got some ink to flow, but the prints were pretty ‘off’!

I used a whole set of ink doing head cleaning. Finally, I removed the print head and soaked it in an airtight tray of ammonia. Then, I put an inch-long plastic hose on a syringe, and flushed out the head with ammonia, and then water. Everything was really flowing nicely!

I allowed some dryiing time, and put everythimg together. I started the printer, and it did it’s usual thing of making various sounds and flashing certain lights, just like normal, for maybe 5-10 min.. Then, as I was staring straight at the machine, it suddenly shut off, never to turn on again!

Now, it does nothing. The power cord checks out OK. I have repaired my own printers since 2002. But very little info is available on the 1430. Maybe I should have allowed more drying time for the print head.

Interestingly, the machine shut off (or died) when the carriage was all the way to the left. There doesn’t appeear to be any solutions to this problem online. Although several people have described the problem with epson inkjets.

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@oldturkey03 Should we leave this one open for someone familiar with this issue to complete (I'm not, frankly) or close it?

It sounds like the ammonia damaged the head to me if OP soaked it or didn't properly connect the flatflex wires during disassembly. I would have advised against it going through the procedure on 3 and breaking 2 due to inexperience (Goodwill samples or freebies I took in as a scanner when I did that and lost due to the loss of Rosetta after 10.6, so I didn't care) - it's not for most people. Frankly I'd remove the head like the OP did for an awful clog, put the thing in a baking tray and use a syringe to indirectly clean it. Or if they couldn't do it, I'd have told them to get the aftermarket cleaning fluid, or rig up a syringe and do it inside the machine with a napkin under the lower platen pad (or at least, take it out afterwards and run it under hot water)


@nick yes let’s keep it open. We should see if we can get more info on this


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