Why is the battery not staying charged?

I recently installed a new battery but it is not keeping a charge. I performed the calibration and reset the SMC. I unplugged the laptop yesterday at 100% charge, used it until about 60% charge the same day. I left it unplugged all night then 10 hrs later went to use it and the charge was 7%. Why? What am I missing?

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I assume you bought a *random* battery not a original one. Quality varies buying from random sellers. If possible look for the manufactured date of the battery. How old is the battery? Even when unused Li-ion battery gets worse with time. (i.e) The newer a Li-Ion battery it is better - old stock is worse if it is new. Read about Li-ion battery in wikipedia.


@bmx2019 I just purchased the new battery from fixit 2 weeks ago. The manufacturing date is not on the battery or receipt.


Contact them and explain the situation?


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