Asus Q304UA Motherboard interchangeability

I stupidly fried my motherboard disconnecting the battery and now need to replace it, can I replace my Q304UA - i5-6400 M/B with an i5-7200 or an i7-6500 M/B? Would it work?

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Just curious. How do you know the motherboard is fried?


I am presuming because as I was trying to disconnect the battery, I removed a metal connector holding the battery in place and it proceeded to fall on the motherboard and short between a 6 pin circuit and a resistor or some other chip. I saw a tiny blue spark an knew something was wrong. I disconnected the battery and reconnected everything, put it back together and tried to power it back up and got nothing. I'm sure if I knew what I was doing I could replace a a resistor or two and a chip and it might work but I don't and it's my daughters laptop.


I am not a stranger to this type of work, having done this 800-900 times over the past 30 years, this time the odds caught up to me on my own machine.


Been there done that...over 35 years as a techie! It just takes one careless moment.


Hi @vmoutsop , I think, you can not replace your old i5-6400 (6th. generation) with i5-7200 (7th generation), it may work with i7-6500 (6th. generation), but i'm not sure, if it's not recommending some additional capacitors and resistors. Some differences are in a lot of specs, so let's say, it's better to replace with the same obsolete processor as was placed.


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